Scent Mark Your World: MOON IN LEO

Overwhelmed with emotion and can’t untangle them to define them and thus… speak.

And I don’t think I need to.

I’m understood here. By my readers. By my husband too. Pretty much 🙂

Yes, I’ve been reading Salinger again and really I’ve just started.

Got his Nine Stories the other day and read one story on the train. Couldn’t stop thinking about it for 24 hours. 48 hours.

And then I forgot to take it with me on the train the day after, and I started again today. Another story. And I want to write my own stories. I was a poet. I was a playwright. Once upon a time. Never ever thought I would write… a story. But I see Saturn in my 3rd House. North Node in my 3rd House. Jupiter stationing on my Mercury. We’ll see. Maybe it’s best to read Salinger this way. Although of course it’s different for everyone.

YOUR TRANSITS: WHAT THE HELL? Any clue where you’re going?

This blog post is a bit of a MISH MASH because I’ve got a mish mash in my mind but I’m just going to go with it.

*For the Virgo Moons out there and my Virgo-ish clients: Virgo Moon has a way of making everything smaller. And then making everything bigger. Worries get big. Accomplishments get small.

*For the currently transited by Saturn: add Neptune like adding sugar. In one corner, there’s gloom. In the other corner: escapism, refusal. In between them is faith. Faith in what? Just that. Open the window a crack. Even if you don’t know what for. Between denial and mad fear is faith. Hope. You’re not oblivious. Or in terror. You rest.

*From time to time I write about Chiron and I see astrologers are torn. Some believe IT CANNOT BE HEALED. And others believe IT CAN. “It” meaning the Chiron wound. I now believe healing is possible. Change is possible. Chiron in Pisces is a gift to us who are alive now. Don’t ignore transiting Chiron in your chart. Because there it gets better. Chiron goes direct in November at 9 degrees.

*Pay attention to Mercury retrograde and the people in your life. Mercuries are those people who have saved you who have ferried you from hell, back to life. How many Mercuries do you have. Whatever is good in your life, be with it. Protect it. This is always my warning because in the blink of an eye life changes. Sometimes a retrograde brings people back to us. With Scorpio it could be dead souls. Guides. Power animals. All manner of being. Love ferried me out of hell. And now that I’m out of hell, I’m a little disoriented 🙂 not so bad 🙂

*Next week is intense. I’m still planning to blog day by day for the play by play. Pluto sextile Chiron, Mars opposing Chiron, Uranus squares Pluto (exact), the New Moon, Solar Eclipse in Scorpio…. so do stay tuned here. I’ll help you along. Moon in Leo this weekend so enjoy, purr, play, eat your treats, cuddle, scent mark your world 🙂

Love, MP


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