Saturn Retrograde: “You’re Doing It Wrong”

"new moon in taurus"

Isn’t that what Saturn says anyway? That you’re doing it wrong? Filling you with self doubt, fear.

I was on the train today and thinking that when Saturn is retrograde the phrase also applies but has a slighting different meaning.

Saturn wants us to “man up” in the areas of life that he’s transiting, but when he’s retrograde? It feels like there’s only so much you CAN do.

I’m thinking of a couple of Cancer Rising people who have Saturn transiting their 4th House and this is a balls out hard transit. What will Saturn take away THERE of all places? Or you will you get to work and build what you are supposed to build. Saturn is associated with karma, which is a word people throw around so often what the hell does it mean anymore TODAY and in YOUR LIFE?

(By the way, please feel free to share your definition of karma!)


“Adjustment” is a keyword we use when talking about the inconjunct and yet I want to use it here because you need to adjust your… expectation? your disruption? your goal? when Saturn is retrograde.

Do you consider this time period a break? Or do you feel off track?


By the end of this transit I want us to feel we’re passed the test, learned the lesson.


From Isabel Hickey: “Saturn in Libra is exalted. Libra is the sign of union, of marriage, of cooperation, and learning to compromise. What calls for more discipline (Saturn) than this?”


What have you been learning? 


Question for commenters:

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