Sagittarius Sun, Venus In Scorpio (First Night of Chanukah)

"venus in scorpio"I was digging through a storage box, looking for my menorah, and I did find it but in the kitchen cupboard. In the storage box though I found perfectly preserved letters my mother wrote me in 1997, letters and postcards and I read them all.

Diary entries too written on sheets torn from a legal yellow pad. Scorpio secrets (she had her Sun and Venus in the sign) for Sagittarius Season: truth. And I’m still shocked. Whenever I read these letters. They have words in them that I cannot write here. Taboo (Scorpio) words.

The tradition is to watch the candles burn, not to work, so I sat and I watched with one of the cats who, yes, jumped up onto the counter, and sat close where he still is now and also from this storage box I found a bunch of crystals and laid them next to the menorah, each would charge the other I figure: candle to crystal and back again.

I took a picture and sent it to a Scorpio friend who’s going through a hard time these days. Seeking more light for us both.

A story within a story: after I lit the shamash, it went out. Or so I thought. Like a miracle it came right back. It’s still burning now. Which reminds me, one of my mother’s diary entries started with the words “What is a miracle?” and she went on to describe various miracles and synchonicites of one day in particular, including surviving a tax audit 😉

The moral of the story is that there is no moral. Just memories sometimes. And the facts. Cats sleep. Candles burn. Miracles happen.



Here’s a link to my Astrology and Tarot Readings page and yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Sagittarius

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