Rockets Red Glare And The Mars Return

Showing ANGER is an act of vulnerability.

Emotionally intense people are used to feeling embarrassed of what they feel (love, lust, hatred, desire, sadness, pain), how they feel (“you’re too sensitive!”) but anger is… something else entirely. It’s a total reveal even though the person you are angry at may not feel the same. They just feel assaulted and perhaps rightly so.

I wanted to write about Mercury trine Uranus (exact today): the brainstorm, the bright idea. And I wanted to write about Venus entering Libra this week, from hygiene–o-rama to the perfect hostess–

But most of all, I am obsessed with MARS conjunct my Mercury today and applying to my natal Mars. In Cancer. And how when I express my anger, I feel shame. Justified or not, that it is wrong. I’ve exposed my fear, my cruelty, my weakness, the ugly truth, that there is much to be healed. My father’s temper. Lack of control. Loss. How is it that we cannot keep it all curled up in a little anger puff, diffuse it instead of detonate. If only.

I wrote to a friend, telling her some of this, and she told me this, “Don’t be hard on yourself. Just ask God for guidance. And let go.”

Ah the letting go. That’s the hard part.

What are you sorting through? 

Love, MP

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