Pulling, Digging, Rooting: My Sister’s 8th House

"8th house"
Freud had an 8th House Gemini Moon

My sister has an 8th House Aquarius Moon and lately I’ve been trying to help her sort through a psychological puzzle. I can’t be too specific here… just that there’s a behavior she wants to change and I’m suggesting she get to the root of it.

When she comes up with “reasons why” for the behavior, they feel false to me and the following is from my email to her:

“If you’ve never been in therapy, the process is probably unfamiliar. There are always clues in what we tell ourselves but it’s always deeper and always a surprise and always an aha moment (when we get to the root). In some cases, it pays to leave the story behind. In your case, I think the story is important, the key is there, and then to re/build new coping skills. The strength and the persistance of this behavior shows me how deep it is.”

“I would do something consistent, like regular journaling. Something you commit to. Your own mystery story. Make it fun even. The keys to the kingdom!”

Journaling was a novel idea to her. To dig by writing. I always have to remember that she hasn’t been a therapy-maven.  She hasn’t been asked 1000 times, “So what does this remind you of?” She’s a double Leo with Capricorn South Node.

I want to help her but only she can do the work. And I really believe it. I bet if she could get inside it… and then turn it inside out… she could have her aha moment and be free. Pull that damn thing out by the root.

The astrology? She just had an 8th House New Moon. Time to begin.

And you? What are you beginning?

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