Pondering Mars In Scorpio Retrograde

"mars in scorpio retrograde" When Mars goes retrograde, will you feel frustrated? Or relaxed?!

And by relaxed I mean… less craving desire energy force to DO.

When Mars goes retrograde will you want to give up? Feel you must give up? Your vitality GONE???

Or will you fight it, spin your wheels.

I’m a little under the weather today and thinking about the eventual Mars retrograde transit and stuckness and how if we think about this now and over these weeks…. we can perhaps circumvent some of the annoyance and frustration.

A healthy Mars doesn’t want the universe to call TIME OUT and yet retrogrades happen so there is a purpose. THERE IS A PURPOSE.

Think about this. What might your Mars retrograde purpose be? The answer is in your Scorpio House of course, where you’ll be asked to wait, pause, and live your Mars differently than usual.



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