Oy Saturn: A Cancer Sun Lament (For Moon Pluto People And Others)

"Sun in Cancer"

I hear the sound of a child giggling outside. I listen to it with fascination. What’s making her so happy? And how to transition from that thought to thoughts of Saturn. How childlike joy has nothing to do with Saturn unless Saturn is the responsible parent. It’s the day after Father’s Day.  Who? 

Saturn went direct in opposition to my Chiron (how I always forget dear Chiron), conjunct my progressed Venus, and is applying in square to my Sun. No wonder the emotions have felt a bit waterboarded. 

The best thing to do this evening, I realized, is to do nothing. I lay in bed with the cats for… 5 minutes, ten minutes, just to get my eyes away from the computer, the phone. I don’t own a t.v. No music on. Just the child outside laughing, the breeze through the window, the leaves of the tree moving. Calm, calm, calm, calmer. Too early to sleep, but getting too late to work 🙂 The time of slowing down: 8 o’clock. A fistful of peace.

See, it’s been a Moon Pluto Day in Moon Pluto Land, emotional storms raging.

When in doubt? Do nothing. Note to self: remember this. Because nothing isn’t nothing. It’s slowing. And Moon Pluto People need to… STOP. Stop spinning, swirling, emoting, storming, raging…

This isn’t Saturn advice necessarily, it isn’t advice at all. Just a day, just today. Tomorrow will be different and Saturn will be that much closer to doing what he does best to all the little mid to late Cancer Suns 😉

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