Old Story, New Story: When Outer Planets Change Houses

"pluto through the 5th house"Outer planets changing signs affects us all on a collective level but I tend to be more interested in the personal, the individual chart, even though I know in many instances, birth times are guesswork (can we trust the people who wrote it down the first time?) and students of astrology use different house systems which can change the cusp lines NEVERTHELESS I treat my chart as a definite map, a defining moment, and Pluto leaving my 4th House for my 5th House is something I’ve been looking forward to.

Pluto through my 4th House included the death of both parents as well as many moves although I’ve been in New York since 2001. Commitment is possible under Pluto. In fact, it’s more than possible. But frustration and crisis are often included.

Let’s see… how many apartments have I lived in since I’ve moved here, not including the friends I stayed with at first: 5. And there was a certain nasty transit, including a hit to my progressed IC which saw me move…3 times in one year. Pluto be done chasing me now in that part of my life. Thank you. And goodbye.

Pluto through the 5th House could be the death of a love, rebirth of a love. Love returning. Love destroying. Love transforming. Love revolution with Uranus squaring it. And it could be long term love Pluto in Capricorn (longevity) or going from person to person the way some years I went from apartment to apartment and not because I wanted to. The one thing my love life and creative life won’t be is BORING. And I am looking forward to my 4th House being VERY boring in the coming years 🙂

What’s happening in your chart? 



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