New Moon In Virgo: In Praise Of Lazy

"new moon in virgo"Our next New Moon is in Virgo (next week, Saturday) and my question is: what do you want to be busy with? Virgo likes to be busy. What details concern you? What details don’t concern you but you are still busy with them? Hmm?

Do you have busy addiction? (Or the opposite?) I was just asking myself this question as I sit here TRYING to relax. Not putter. Not de-clutter. Not work. Not put the clean laundry away. Sit still. It’s hard sometimes. Find the balance between avoidance and over-do.

ON THE OTHER HAND, my Moon is in Virgo so little tasks completed soothes me. I can move those pens from here to there and it may feel very satisfying.

But I am noticing my mind. My mind keeps reaching for the thing, the activity, the DO.

So that’s one possible New Moon intention: notice what you do, when you do, and what you avoid. Do you avoid sitting still and why?

And why does it feel so @#$%^&* when you realize there is a book out of place and there is some organizing that MUST happen but hasn’t happened yet.

I know this is, probably, a mega-Virgo problem. How we MUST sort something. FIND. AN. ANSWER.

Here’s an answer, Virgos: do less.

Love, MP