New Moon In Sagittarius: Firework

Ten, nearly eleven, degrees Sagittarius.

And remember that a New Moon is a conjunction (fusion) of Sun and Moon — so whatever the Moon is aspecting, the Sun is right there with it.

Here’s what I discovered:

The Moon is WIDELY inconjunct Jupiter in Cancer (retrograde). No one else may be including this, but I am! Because the inconjunct is a motherfucker and I’d be foolish to ignore this unholy wrong-size aspect. Wrong-size because it does not fit. The two signs in an inconjunct don’t even see each other across a crowded room (like an opposition). They aren’t even the same psychology — as in a square (Leo square Scorpio for example. Both are STUBBORN).

So that’s THING ONE: New Moon in the sign of the clown (happy happy joy joy) out of step with your inflated (Jupiter) security fears (Cancer) these days. AND Jupiter is retrograde. She feels more bloated than optimistic.

The New Moon is also trine Uranus in Aries but even in trine, Moon and Uranus together are, well, nutty. Could be genius but… not so stable.

Uranus is the deal-breaker, the runaway, and in aspect to the Moon, even in trine, your home-foundation-family-solar plexus, everything that makes you feel OKAY when you wake up in the morning — is not as right as rain as you NEEEED it to be. Instead it is high-flying, unpredictable, stormy.

Now, some of you may find this exhilarating. Big adventure. Fire power. The Wands suit from the Tarot. FLAMES. Mob energy. The rally.

Saving grace to this madness: there are sextiles to Ceres, Juno, and Vesta and the Number Three (three goddesses here) in Tarot is the first foundation.

The Ace was potential, unborn.

With the Two, you found a collaborator, help. Or at least had a decision to make.

The Three is synthesis, creation, something has been done.

Ceres is the mother. Juno is the wife. And Vesta is in charge of the fire, that it never go out (Google Vestal Virgins. Actually Google them all or use the “search” feature on my blog).

I KNOW this isn’t all these asteroids goddesses symbolize but I am trying to make a point. That you need all three of these energies, combined, RIGHT NOW and into the new year.

That these three GRACES are your companions (what/who you need to MAKE SOMETHING of this New Moon): a fierce unconditional love of such devotion and focus that the past gets burned away and there is nothing left to mourn.

I admit it’s a challenge. Are you up for it?

Love, MP

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