New Moon In Aries: Make A Wish

I was going through recent comments on the blog (still not done yet!) and a reader mentioned planning to set intentions for the New Moon and I remembered that I had done exactly that today, on the train, in my journal.

This journal is also used for poems now but a few months ago was my New Moon/Full Moon intentions/letting go journal. I had these… post-its pasted in, folded up. Some of them said “Do not open until the FULL MOON.”

It was pretty interesting to go back and read those intentions from October. For some reason I was setting them like crazy back then. Everything kinda hurt.

The intentions I just set… concern SOME of the same subject matter. Yup! Some stories, they just continue and continue and continue. Fate is a train. Get on board 🙂

And I pray to my Ribbono Shel Olam, Heavenly Father, that this one particular matter be resolved and soon.

It’s Aries Season. I want it resolved FAST. NOW. Mars rules my 8th House. What needs to die, let it die. What needs to be born, let it live. In Pisces we dream. In Aries we do it.

The more I write here, the more I realize I need to live more and more and more, experience more and more and more, so that I can share it here, with you, and you can share back with me and the folks who read here. That’s my vision, version, of a Mars-ruled 8th House.

Will you set New Moon intentions? 

Love, MP

What I’m listening to: Fink


I’m thinking about starting a new private message board. The topic? LOVE, sex, relationships, intimacy, synastry, compatibility, all of this as it relates to astrology and tarot.

This board would not be a “class,” but an open discussion group. Anyone can start a thread. 

If this interests you, send me an email. These are paid spaces since it takes time and energy to maintain and also I participate. If enough people are interested, we’ll do it!

I’d want at least 10 to begin. This group would go month to month (at first) and last for as long as people are into it.

Any board I run is a safe, private, supportive space to talk about our personal lives (if you feel comfortable) and all the mystical-spiritual-occult stuff we love so much 🙂


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