Neptune Rules Angels: Find Transiting Mercury In Your Chart!

"mercury retrograde"

Once again I’ve fallen behind in the comments, only responding here and there.  Apologies if I’ve neglected to say a warm hello to new readers.

Hello New Readers!

I always think it’s cute the way on Twitter some folks will say hello to their new followers 🙂

Let us look skyward though..

The Moon is in Libra now, approaching the mid-degrees, done with an opposition to Mercury. Were you the peacemaker today? Or the aggravator? Maybe you switched roles!

The Moon is also past her square to Pluto. We’re all familiar with this energy by now, aren’t we? Pluto moves slowly so we are familiar with this square in these signs. Same for Moon in Aries because Aries squares Capricorn.

And when the Moon is in Cancer, we get the opposition. We’re all getting schooled in Moon Pluto these days 🙂 Moon in Capricorn of course gives us the conjunction.

Venus in Taurus is approaching Jupiter. The Grand Trine in earth is building, and Mercury, already in its shadow, stations retrograde on Monday in the middle of the night EST.

And Mercury will conjunct Aries again when he retrogrades.

Three steps forward, one step back? Grand Trine in earth + Mercury Retrograde?

I don’t think you lose ground with Mercury Rx, you don’t lose what’s yours to have. But it shows a backtrack is needed, some tweaking.

I was going to say give a HUG to the area of life that Mercury will transit, early Aries and late Pisces….

Mercury rules the hands and hugging a Pisces is like hugging the holy ghost.

Find transiting Mercury in your chart now. Where will he journey to?  He’s returning somewhere, somehow. There’s a do-over to attend to. There’s a map. There’s a road. There’s an invisible map. An invisible road. Mercury is more than the journey. It’s the message you need to hear or the message you need to give. Or both. What did you forget the first time? And you may have forgotten or overlooked MORE than one thing — we are talking Pisces, after all. The sign of the dreamer.

This Mercury retrograde goes from Yang to Yin, from Aries to Pisces. Put your gun down and pick up your cloud. Angels will rule. Maybe you’ll find one or be one during this transit.

And don’t forget… the Sun is still in Pisces. Don’t let all the other stuff overshadow this important transit! The Sun! Where is it! Where’s your Pisces? Your life is… ALIVE and kicking in your Pisces house these days and you’ll get a funny little something or other in that house during Mercury retrograde.

What’s your experience of Mercury retrograde? 


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