Neptune Retrograde TODAY! (And tomorrow and…)

"neptune retrograde"

Something to think about: what difference do you think Neptune going retrograde will make in your life.

How confused are you in general? Very? Medium? Seldom? Not at all?

If Neptune, on a bad day, is confusion, illusion, and delusion, and compassion, the mystical, and poetry on a good day… what does the retrograde of Neptune mean for you and your chart? Is transiting Neptune hanging out in an interesting place for you? Near an interesting planet or cusp?

Neptune is at 3 tender degrees of Pisces. A baby. Barely alive in the sign of no boundaries. Neptune rules romance.

Chart check! Got anything at that degree? Anything that squares or opposes it?

He’s on my North Node which is a few degrees away from my descendent, getting closer getting closer getting closer but noooooooo here comes the retrogrdade!

Do the outer planet retrogrades compel us to revise and revision and review like Mercury retrogrades do? I think it operates differently but still matters and we can always use a little extra symbolism 🙂 to guide our days and nights.

Try not to think of it as more useless clouds. Try to think of Neptune Retrograde as the dream within the dream. Something you forgot. A second look.

Neptune rules forgery and imitation, swamps and surf. Is this ominous or comforting to you?

Dive in to your confusion, keeping your head above the water. Or go mermaid about it all – half fish, half lady on land and sea, on land and sea.

Neptune thoughts? 

Love, MP

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