Aretha Is The Antidote For Your Post-Eclipse Blues

" Sun in Cancer"

What is freedom? What makes you feel free? When I listen to Aretha Franklin (click here) I feel free. I mean, I hear freedom in her voice, no matter what she’s singing about. Even if she loves her man and he’s a bad man, I get the feeling she won’t stick around for long. Contrast this with Billie Holiday, who I also love. You could say she’s really the Venus square Neptune of the great singers, pining pining pining. Whereas Aretha is… Jupiter. Big voice, proud voice, free.

I never had any interest in celebrity charts, but now that I’ve started blogging? I’ve started to wonder about the charts of my favorite artists. Remember when people got famous because they were really really good?

Do you look up the charts of the famous? Are you surprised at what you find?

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