MoonPluto’s Late September/Early October Meeting Place :)

"venus trine uranus" Taken from my Facebook Timeline (which is, btw, where I post most of my videos these days): 


Introducing MoonPluto’s Late September meeting place! 

This is what I have cooking for the late September/early October class:


I consider this a companion to the one we just completed (Jupiter in Virgo themed) but you don’t need to have taken that one — to gain from this one–

I will be asking folks to consider WHAT IS THE PROBLEM (very VIRGO). 

I will want to hear from you.
I will want a short list (between 1 and 3 items) to answer the question WHAT IS THE PROBLEM, across any area of your life, the areas that concern you the most.

And you can give us BIG PICTURE or small. Or medium.

You may say: it’s MY WHOLE LIFE. Or you may say, it’s this little itty bitty thing RIGHT HERE.

And then we will ask the ORACLE: what is the problem.

The cards may or may not agree. Hidden factors may show themselves!

And THEN we will ask your natal and the transits — for more detail, elaboration.

That will be the FIRST order of business.

And you may be surprised what turns up… that YOUR version of what holds you back is different from what the cards and chart say.

The second order of business will the search for solution — again using the cards and charts.

I will also put us on a regular meditation schedule.

Of course I cannot make you do this just as I cannot make you do homework or show up to class BUT it is integral to this one.

Got questions? Message me. I am sorry I cannot give discounts at this time. $100.
Three weeks (extra days if we need, if participation is there). 

And YES my classes are intense but I am THERE over the weeks and you can use me —

I’d like to start a week from today.

OH and since the goddess asteroids came up in conversation in the last class (I included them in the charts), we’ll make even more use of them this time (Vesta Juno Ceres Pallas)


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