MoonPluto Makes A Video And Other Lunar Eclipse Thoughts

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What holds you back? What keeps you chained?

How much you wanna bet that it’s YOU? Or am I wrong? Hmm???

Lately when I do little Tarot spreads for myself, I see the Devil card and it confuses me. I associate this card with addiction and materialism.

I recently quit smoking. I don’t think of myself as addicted. Or materialistic although, yes, I am concerned with my survival and growing my business so… maybe this card means that I’m approaching it from the wrong perspective.

Perspective: Sagittarius keyword #1!

The Devil card says: what are you attached to? what can you not let go of? What idea? What frame of mind?


Today I realized that I could make little videos on my new computer so if you want to see a little video of me, look here. It’s on my Facebook page. I couldn’t figure out how to upload it to the blog. And maybe I can’t. I’ll have to ask a smart person 😉

And I wound up posting the same damn tiny video three times accidentally. Sigh.

In either case, I think videos are in my future 🙂 Maybe morning Moon videos with messy morning hair 🙂


With endings come beginnings. If something or someone leaves your life due to a Lunar Eclipse excision consider it meant to be. It is. It’s cleaning you up for what’s next. You can’t just stay in place all the time. You got to move.


This morning I wanted to do another video but couldn’t get it quite right and I wanted to talk, again, about using Sagittarius keywords and energy as your guide through this Eclipse.

See, some may complain that Sagittarius is unreliable, right? They say stuff and then don’t deliver, right? You’ve heard this, right? Or experienced it, right? LOL.

They may say 2 to 4 weeks but what they actually mean is, well, I don’t actually know. But let’s apply what I’m saying here–

Say this Eclipse pins you to the wall, brings you some shocking news… you better get your Jupiter on and know, BELIEVE (Sag keyword #2!) you can dodge any and every bullet, like a Sag. They aren’t, um, well, attached to um, say, yeah, um DETAILS, like a Virgo is. Like TIME for example. That’s a detail, isn’t it? Virgo is earth. Virgo is reality, nuts, bolts, granola. Sagittarius is free, not attached. Sagittarius is fire. Create it. Blow it out. It’s gone! Whoosh! Conjure and destroy and conjure again. Mars in Virgo squares the Eclipse (Sun and Moon). Mars wants to pin you down BUT…

Don’t DEPEND on this Eclipse okay? Not 100 %. You can love this Eclipse. You can MAKE love to this Eclipse. But don’t marry this Eclipse. Not yet. Not until the truth (Sagittarius keyword #3!) is revealed!


Also, I was also going to tell people not to be afraid. I was gonna get all Cancery Nurtury Mothery and soothe the worriers. Maybe I still will. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. It’s laundry day, and you know how that goes.


Love, MP

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