Moon Pluto’s Mars In Virgo (Direct!) Challenge

"mars in virgo"

Is there something in your life you want to fix?

Think Virgo, think 6th House:

Daily routines, health, work… but you can insert any Virgo/6th House matter or issue here and just commit to… working on it!

Not commit to perfection or eradication or WORRYING about it, but… for the rest of Mars in Virgo commit to… detail oriented fierce energy and attention!

Tell me/us what you want to work on in the comments and keep checking back, keep checking in to let us know your progress.  I’ll keep linking this blog post at the end of my other posts so you can keep up with others if you want.

And I’m thinking I will award a prize, a random winner though, name drawn from a hat, the winner receiving a Mini-Reading (email) of their choice, Moon or other topic.

As for my Mars In Virgo (Direct!) Challenge: I am going to explore boxing. Just explore it. I got my gloves today and I will have at least one session with a personal trainer (if I like him, need to make sure he’s nice :)) to help me and then we’ll see where I go from there. I also am cutting back on my sugar and insane Mars in Cancer tooth decay eating of late 😉

Mars will be back in my 1st House soon enough and I’m ready. I think

No low side of Virgo handwringing, no self-criticism. Instead, replace the Virgo fuss with Mars/Aries drive, ambition, pure fire. Enthusiasm! Inspiration! Not for perfection but for… as someone very wise once said to me… “continual improvement.”



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