Moon Alert! Moon in Capricorn

Marc Chagall

When I was learning my astrology basics, the first thing my teacher said about Moon in Capricorn was duty.  Duty duty duty.

Since that time, I made friends with a woman who calls her Capricorn Moon stingy.  And then there’s the Mars in Capricorn guy who can save at the market and clip coupons better than any budget shopping housewife.

How do these qualities relate? Duty, responsibility, frugality?

Capricorn, Saturn, is serious, and when Capricorn fails to live up to Saturn’s way… you can smell trouble a mile away. Stinky goat!

One of Capricorn’s jobs is to achieve, to climb. How does this relate to the Moon? Well, the Moon is way up high!

The Moon is also our feelings and some may complain that a Capricorn Moon is so shy and so insecure that… Hey, wait a minute.

Will the real Moon in Capricorn stand up? Show us your hooves!

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8 thoughts on “Moon Alert! Moon in Capricorn”

  1. I was in love with a man: Virgo moon tightly conjunct Saturn, both straddling his midheaven. Sometimes I look back and think I had absolutely no clue what he really need(moon)ed.

    Downside of having an Aqua moon trine Pluto? You expect everyone to feel as deep and share that as honestly as you. *shrugs*

  2. That moon is rather critical of anything it defines as flakey. Including the urges of my Pisces Sun that wants to get lost in play and creativity and daydreams when there are ticky boxes to be checked. *sigh* I’m happiest when I can create structure for the play. :D

  3. My Cappy moon requires security to feel comfortable, or it starts to…. shall we just say micromanage? It doesn’t always approve of teh husband’s Pisces ascendant. LOL

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