Mini-Moon Readings For The New Moon In Aquarius!

"new moon in aquarius"
on your mark, get ready, set your intentions!

Need help setting intentions for this New Moon? **Mars stations retrograde the same day ! (EST)

Here’s the deal:

-email only

-15 minutes

-35 by PayPal

-your chart only/no chart comparison

-specify your preferred house system, if you have

-my schedule varies so it’s best if you email me first — then I can tell you when I’ll have time for you

-sometimes a person’s New Moon chart will lead me to other topics/transits but I try to keep it focused. I will tell you what I see

-also, email readings with me are like old fashioned letters. I use up part of the time, leaving room for your response, any questions. We don’t need to be at the computer at the same time

-I only watch the clock when typing, not when prepping or reading your emails

-Cancerian nurturing included :)

-I will also do mini-readings on other topics as long as they aren’t too broad

Make sense? I look forward to visiting your chart! Reach me at moonpluto@gmail 

PS Something else I wanted to mention: I’ve recently had inquiries about teaching 1:1 but from people who live too far away! I mean REALLY far away but if you are in the tri-state area and interested in learning astrology (how to read a chart 101, for example), email me.


9 thoughts on “Mini-Moon Readings For The New Moon In Aquarius!”

  1. Well if I ever win the lotto… you my dear will be my personal astrologer/tarot reader and you will jetset with me everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pinky promise!

  2. Well, I don’t know why – you’re gorgeous! :-)
    (But I get that. I hate having my pic taken.)

    But while you might have to dress up a little from the waist up, you could still wear your jammy bottoms and fuzzy slippers. ;-)

    As for flying in, that would be cool too! Just tack on the price of a flight ticket to your fees!

    1. I have never tried Skype and am *extremely* shy/camera shy—-

      I could possibly Skype if the camera was not on me but on a chart instead of course — I dunno — I suppose I could consider it. But I’d likely charge MORE for Skype LOL because I’d have to look presentable.

      What I need to do actually is win the lottery and not need to earn a living and then I’d fly to people’s homes. And I’d teach them astrology over a weekend.

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