Mercury Enters Sweet Sweet Taurus

"venus in leo in the 12th House"
Good Morning star gazers!

You don’t have to love yourself.
You don’t.

I was at the mall yesterday.
Well, Brooklyn’s version of a “mall” and there was a popular store (women’s underwear store) with a HUGE sign and the words, if I remember correctly, LOVE YOURSELF.

How Aries of them, eh? Making the demand. Yelling in all caps. Funny because Venus isn’t in Aries yet 😉

I sneered.
Love myself?
And if I don’t want to TODAY? Or tomorrow? Or yesterday.
And if I DO? Does that mean I’m part of this… machine? The underwear selling machine that wants to use how I feel about myself and my body to… sell more underwear.

Not that I got upset BUT I seem to see this message a lot these days. Love yourself.
And I want to free you from the tyranny of having to love yourself.
Because you don’t have to love yourself.
You are FINE just the way you are.
If you hate yourself today, that is fine.
If you feel angry and not wearing fancy underwear that is fine.
I feel a ton more liberated when I’m not being told how to feel 🙂

Love is on my mind because the May class will be love/Venus themed.
Love is on my mind because the Sun is now in Taurus, which is Venus ruled and Mercury entered Taurus this morning.
You don’t have to be so hard it is safe to sweeten now.

And love is on my mind because I am RECLAIMING MY VENUS, which is in the 12th House, and which desperately needs solitude thus I have gone on silent retreat. Without leaving my house 🙂
Oh don’t worry I am still working and writing and seeing clients but I am GOING INTO THE INTERIOR.
It’s not only what I value. Venus rules values. It’s what I require to be a happy, functioning HUMAN.

You may say, but MoonPluto, requirements and needs are the province of the Moon but truth is I don’t think it’s cut so clearly. Venus shows us what we love dearly.
If we are cut off from our love then… we die.
On the inside.
Our core grows lonely.
Our core begins to rot.

MY ADVICE TO YOU: TAKE CARE TO PROTECT WHAT YOU LOVE. GUARD IT. AND DO NOT BE ASHAMED. And take pictures of yourself first thing in the morning if you feel like it and post them on your blog just because 🙂

" cardinal grand cross 2014"
What does YOUR Venus need?

Seriously. You don’t have to love yourself today, but I hope you will discard the shame you are carrying around, my doves.
I love you.

If you are interested in the May class offering, please click here for details.

Love, MP

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