Mercury Alert! Mercury In Pisces Retrograde! (Zzzzz)

"mercury in pisces"

Yes yes yes, Mercury has moved back into Pisces. He’s at 29 degrees now.

If you find the Pisces portion of your chart, you may find a part of your life you need to review. And review again.

Who is this Mercury? I think of him as the trickster. That Mercury retrograde may bring annoyance and necessary revision but if something hard and hot happens in your life, I’m probably not going to look first at Mercury UNLESS… your particular chart warrants it.

Let’s put it together, together…

Some Pisces keywords: alcohol, charity, escape, mazes, sleepwalking…

Some Mercury keywords: how you think, how you speak, how you write, messages, messengers, birds, books, dictionaries, carrier pigeons, ticket agents…

Going on a trip? To a Piscean land? By sea?

Or is it your relationships that confuse you? Or your work. Or your thoughts. Or what’s happening at home – will the house be sold? How how how will you ever find clarity? NOT YET.

Mercury is in Pisces. RETROGRADE.

Dream about it. Sing about it. Write!!!! about it. Meditate about it. Have faith about it, yeah. Faith. Drink about it? Maybe just one… 😉

What are you revising? 


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