Meditation For The Waning Moon

"full moon in pisces"I was getting ready to blog and didn’t know what to blog about so I quickly asked a Facebook friend and she said this:

Hmmm Blue Moon hangover? The power of waning moon meditations for letting go that which no longer serves?

What do you guys think? How are you doing? I have to say that this Full Moon turned out to be major for me, a turning point. But in a calm blue moon seas way.

(And another thought, totally off topic, I keep getting pings from my Bubby (grandmother). She passed away a few years ago. We were not close. But lately I smell her in my room. Smells I associate with her, including those little meatballs she used to make that I loved. )

But back to the Full Moon which was on a sensitive spot for me, my descendent, my partnership angle. And my Facebook pal is a Pisces Sun with a Scorpio Moon. I can’t remember her degrees but no doubt she’s feeling it too. Sensitive!

Take it easy today, if you can, for the waning Moon and meditate on… the meaning of whatever is leaving your life and whatever is leaving your life could be a good thing. Like regret. Let it dissolve, Neptune-style.

Love, MP


Some nuts and bolts: I am changing rates and doing some reorganization of how I do readings. Hopefully the site will reflect the changes this week, if the dude who helps me with tech stuff is available!

Clients were telling me that I was charging too little, especially for my email 30 minute readings (I type fast!)  so I am making adjustments. One example will be Synastry charts. These will only be available in hour-long formats now, to reflect the time it takes to study two charts. 

And in MoonPluto Land News: we have reached our minimum number of students for the NEXT class (which means that enough people have paid). I want to keep it small so we can go deep with each chart. I’m fine with adding a few more folks. Want to keep it at 10 peeps or under. $100. Two week class. Your Life As A Work Of Art: Going deep into your 5th House, your creativity (and creative blocks!) and your North Node. 

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