Keywords For The 1st House

"pluto in the 1st house"

I feel good. Knock on wood. The spirit of my mother around me and some warm weather in the Big City today. I just completed half a reading for someone by email and can take a break now and blog. When readings get busy, I have to grab the writing time!

I do think a big part of this good feeling is the Grand Trine in earth we’ve got going on. My ascendent is being trined by Jupiter and Pluto now and the ascendent is the cusp of the 1st House so let’s talk 1st House for a bit!

Did you know the 1st House rules “one’s ability?” (These are keywords from Rex Bills’ book). Think about that. What you have in the 1st is something you CAN DO.


I love the way a simple astrological phrase can get me thinking.

So if you have nothing in your 1st House, you can look at the planet that rules your 1st house. For example, Mercury rules my 1st House so I would ponder the meaning of Mercury and then take a look at the condition of my natal Mercury by sign and house and aspect.

The 1st House is also your appearance, your body, your birth, your character, your childhood.

It’s a mark. Planets in the 1st House are a mark. A mark that, well, marks you! You are THIS way. People see it.

Without 1st House planets, others may need more time to discover you.

My first astrologer, the one in Iowa, told me years ago that my 1st House Pluto made my personality like an onion: another layer, another layer, another layer. And that I would always surprise people because of this.

The 1st house also rules your cravings: my 1st house Moon Pluto conjunction makes me crave depth! It is food to me. Sustenance. And depth that I can understand! Moon Pluto in Virgo.

The 1st House also rules the power over oneself. Planets in this house and aspects to them will show how hard it is for you to master your impulses!

And I love this one: the 1st house rules “personal magnetism” – ha cha cha!

Who/What is drawn to YOU?


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