July 4th/5th: TAKE IT EASY

Moon’s in Gemini and we have a Moon Venus sextile but also a bunch of less supportive aspects, including Moon square Neptune and a Yod between the Moon, Saturn, and Pluto. Tension. Trying to make it all fit. Does it fit? Tears win out temporarily. Unexpected tears. Sun in Cancer square Uranus in Aries. You may seem like a freak (Uranus) but you don’t need to explain yourself.

Friday, the 5th, is INTENSE and thus you may be feeling this now and by “this” I mean somewhere between uneasy and freaked. The Sun is trine Chiron and trines are easy good but Chiron is… what hurts, what really hurts. What I like about this aspect is that it wants to make you well so intentions are good all around. Maybe good results too.

Venus inconjunct Pluto is more worrisome. Lovers don’t fall out of love but questions of power arise i.e. who has more of it and who wants it and who is giving theirs away willingly or unwillingly. These are not crossroads though. Not turning point hours. What you’ll see is Venus in Leo preening and needing attention and Pluto in Capricorn not buying it. This could also be a health matter flare-up, depending on the houses involved.

How are you feeling? 

Love, MP


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