Introducing A New Service At MoonPluto Astrology

If you go to my website and click on DAILY TAROT you will find what I’ve written here. I cut and pasted it and gave it its own blog post because I know some of my regular readers and subscribers are not on Facebook or Twitter.


This morning I announced on Facebook that I was doing One Card Tarot Mini-Mini Readings for the New Moon and one of my clients gave me a great idea!

She asked if she could have one card per week for the rest of March.

That weekly card would then function as her message or inspiration, meditation point, mudra, bright idea or quality to keep returning to, especially on difficult days. Something to keep in mind. A little shelter, a little anchor. Energy exchange.

For example, if you are having a bumpy day and I’ve pulled the 9 of Pentacles for you, just days earlier , you can return to this image in your mind and remember her or put this card (if you have a deck) where you can see her each day.

How it works:

One question, one card, about 5 minutes of conversation, back and forth by Email or Instant Message.

Daily Tarot is $10 and you can ask for a card whenever you feel guided or “subscribe” and know that it’s coming to you on a regular basis.

For example, you can order Daily Tarot to come to your inbox once a week or three times a week or x number of times a month, totally up to you!

You can pre-order a card for an auspicious day, for New Moons or Full Moons. The Tarot always has a message.

Email me if you have any questions moonpluto@gmail

Payment is by PayPal and do use the FEED THE MOON link. 

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