In Transit: Saturn Sextile Venus

"saturn sextile venus"Think of your transits as chances.

I am thinking of all the Saturn Venus chances that I got over the last two years. Saturn squared my Mars but also sextiled my Venus around the same time.

Is a sextile just not that powerful by transit? It gives you a glimpse of what is possible without the smooth sailing of a trine. They say we have to work at sextiles. Still, it’s a soft aspect. Pleasant. Well, this year’s Venus in Gemini (retrograde) was not pleasant.

Transits are… opportunities. SIGNS. Saturn sextile my Venus was a sign for me to clarify Venus, love and money. Okay, God! Lesson learned! DO YOU HEAR ME? Good. Thanks.

And then there are harder, darker chances, like Saturn conjunct your Venus: this can be the death of love, the death of money or maybe less dramatic. More about FORCING the “opportunity.”


What’s your Wednesday morning theory of transits? 


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