In Search Of The High Priestess (Reversed)

The other day I got a visit from the High Priestess, reversed.

My gentle reader told me this referred to action. Whereas the High Priestess (upright) can signify a time of waiting or “non-doing,” the reversed-ness here was showing a more direct and conscious approach to the matter at hand.

(Dare I tell you what the matter at hand was? Perhaps.)

Joan Bunning in her book “Learning the Tarot” lists a few “opposing” cards to the upright High Priestess. I list these to give you more examples:

-The Magician: acting consciously

-Two of Wands: acting boldly

-Seven of Wands: being aggressive

-Eight of Wands: putting plans into action

Corrine Kenner in “Simple Fortunetelling with Tarot Cards” has quite a range of keywords for the reversed High Priestess:

“passion, moral or physical ardor, conceit, surface knowledge”

Kenner also mentions the High Priestess being connected to the vestal virgins of ancient Greece. Hmm…

So far what I’m feeling is: High Priestess? Not a ho. Reversed High Priestess? :::smiles:::

Generally speaking, this Major Arcana gal is still, she’s quiet, a bit of a Mona Lisa effect, she’s almost too good to be true, rarified, untouchable. Holder and keeper of mysteries and secrets, hidden knowledge. Knowing.

And those damn pillars, right? Is she hiding behind them? Or are they holding her up? Or holding her back, keeping her prisoner, hmm?

I’m thinking the reversed High Priestessย is telling us to break down, break through those pillars. Walls. Stop hiding behind the spiritual majesty. Get real. Get moving. Get in the body. Listen to Prince ๐Ÿ™‚ Magic and spells have their place but step into the world too.

A few words from Rachel Pollack before I turn this over to you guys in the gallery:

“When we reverse it, we bring in the missing qualities. The card reversed signifies a turn towards passion, towards a deep involvement with life and other people, in all ways, emotionally, sexually, and competitively…”

One more thing, as I type here, I’m remembering seeing the upright High Priestess last year in a reading, at the very start of 2012. So her reversal is showing a descent into the body. Not that the body is a lessor form or a fall from grace or that the spirit is abandoned, but that this year may be… juicier.

Those pomegranates? Eat them.


How does 2013 look for you?ย 

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