In Search Of Sweet: Venus In The Natal Chart

"venus square saturn"Yesterday, I treated myself to an astrology/tarot reading. Yes, readers get readings too 🙂 and towards the end he told me that I was a sweet person. And this struck me because I have a distressed Venus (Venus in a tsquare) and don’t think of myself as sweet. I’m also a Cancer Sun. Grumpy on the outside. And my Virgo Rising (and Moon Pluto conjunction) gets all exacting and strategic and impulsive and… controlling? Nah, not me 😉

But I kept thinking about this hmm hmm hmm am I sweet? Was he just saying that because he is sweet? This astrologer has a significant amount of Libra in his chart. I do not. Taurus and Libra = Venus = the Goddess of Love! I have SATURN (grrr) in Taurus. So how could I be sweet? And then I remember my Venus in Leo sextile Jupiter in Libra. Okay. Maybe.

Still, I decided to research this and go in search of sweet. If a distressed Venus can actually BE sweet. And I think the bottom line is that the Venus energy IS a bit clogged. Doesn’t mean she’s nonexistent (just like our retrograde planet talk from yesterday). But the energy needs effort and adjustment to get sweetly flowing. Conscious simple effort so that the Venus nature (my Venus is in the 12th House) becomes more apparent and the fix-it Virgo style gets downsized.

Last night I asked one of my best friends: am I sweet? He paused. That was my answer 😉 We had been joking earlier that day about being “partly cloudy” so that was his answer. Partly cloudy, partly sunny, how much chance of rain?

But then this morning I asked my quadruple Taurus roommate and she said yes, that I DO indeed have a sweet nature and that she can feel from me that I “just want her to be happy” which is so funny because that’s a phrase my mother used to say about me, “just wanting me to be happy.”

So there you have it. Despite differing opinions 😉 I am going to embrace my sweetness. Who we are and our self-perceptions can be radically different. My Venus square Saturn may not feel sweet at all but somehow… there’s more.

Are you sweet? What do people say about you? 



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