In Search Of Death

This morning a client wrote me that she pulled the Death card for herself.

She added UGH/HA! Which was it? Repulsion at seeing this card, what it could mean? Or laughing because she would cheat death (we all die, eventually) one more day. She knew it wasn’t “true.”

Early on in Tarot studies, we are taught that rarely is the Death card a “death” card, literally. I predicted a death once. A regular client was sitting with her father, and her family. He was on his deathbed. She asked me once. I gave an answer. Didn’t feel right to her. I think I was avoiding the question. She pushed. I asked again. I gave an answer. It was right. I don’t think I’ve gone “there” since. I didn’t see the Death card though.

You know, I rather see Death than the Tower. The Tower is sudden and shocking in its gifts. If I have a choice, give me the slow tearing asunder so I can catch my breath every step of the way.

These days I don’t see this card all that often for myself. Occasionally for others but usually in a context where it’s “okay.” And I’ve had clients be grateful to see this card because they feel stuck and need to know they won’t stay stuck. That even if they can’t perceive it (Isabel Hickey said we could not perceive Pluto’s movement/effect), that it is happening.

Remember that every Death contains a change of consciousness, transition, experience, resurrection.

I love what one of my books here says (from Corrine Kenner) “… it frequently refers to something in you that’s already dead. You may simply need to acknowledge it.”

When I look at the Rider Waite image, what I feel is that it’s going to happen, it IS happening already. That horse is moving.

Do you fear Death? 


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