How To Love A Cancer Sun + Sun Enters Cancer Tomorrow!


"moon conjunct pluto"
me & my scorpio friend

Depending on your time zone, the Sun enters Cancer Tuesday or Wednesday and the Cancer New Moon is on Friday.

All that heavy analysis will get you nowhere now. All that rigidity. Time to flow and cry and feel. Sorry Air signs ;) We are gonna DUNK YOU. You may have plenty of feels but not like this. The depth of this. The easy tears like this. The home sweet home babka like this. Cancer is fleshy and wet and fecund. We are not an earth sign, no, but we are the soft deep muddy after the rain AND we are the rain. Mother. Moon Earth. Good Mother. Gentle Father. Love.

I have my Sun, Mercury and Mars in the sign of Cancer and my Moon (which rules Cancer!) is in Virgo. And my Moon is conjunct Pluto thus the name of this blog.

I like being a lot of something and my something is magnified, intensified by PLUTO, which is as powerful as it gets. Powerful emotions, powerful intuition, powerful nurturing, and not afraid of death. And more! Moon Pluto is not for everyone.

Yesterday I was hanging out with a Scorpio friend and we were joking about an on-line dating profile that he wrote for a friend so I said make one for me! And I said: I know I’m not for everyone and he thought that was a good start. His handwriting is beautiful. But then he changed the first line to “Lioness of Judah…”

Funny but not sure how much of the littler curlicued paragraph we shall keep if any. MOON PLUTO IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. MOON PLUTO IS NOT VENUS!

"sun square pluto"
goldy and the four of wands

What does Cancer need? How to love a Cancer? YES these are the questions we are all supposed to be asking now as the Sun is about to enter Cancer.

And you know what? I’m not going to give you an easy answer here. I’m going to take a CANCER poll on my Facebook. I’ll be back to report my findings…


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4 thoughts on “How To Love A Cancer Sun + Sun Enters Cancer Tomorrow!”

  1. Venus in Cancer here. Need to be appreciated as I feed the kefir, make herbal infusions, bread, cook food from scratch, and all the “mother hen” stuff pertaining to home. I don’t particularly like admitting this, but appreciation for my nurturing efforts are much needed for my Cancer Venus piece-part.

    Love ya!

    P.S. Your Scorpio friend has a great nose.

  2. My grandmother was a cancer, I loved her more than the moon itself.

    To love them is to be honest, quiet, deeply, holding hands, to be awake, loudly present and learn. To sit in a cave together and gaze at the world.

    To me, they are the moon shinning alone in the dark, looking for earth to hold them, but not realizing it’s the magnetic field they both share that holds them together. It’s something they feel. And when the earth weathers the moon’s storms, it stills stands, turns and then they bring each other around the sun together.

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