Here Is Your Dark Night, Moon In Virgo

"moon trine pluto" When your body wants to experience a dark night of the soul I suggest you do not fight it. Do what you have to do to relax, basically. When your body wants to experience a dark night of the soul… 

Here I am with the intent of writing a blog post from the dark night heart and the cats begin to act up.  A minute ago they were hovering around me quiet. Just got home from errands in the Little City and decided I would draw some cards for myself and say some Psalms for Friday and Saturday to accompany my incoming dark night of the soul which is a continuation of a dark day of the soul, allow myself to slow down and… THE CATS.

Maybe this is their way of joining in. The Sixth House rules small animals (size of a goat or smaller) and Virgo rules the Sixth House and we are under Virgo.

I am grateful for the silence. In this moment I only hear my fingers clacking the keys, the refrigerator hum, and if one could say she hears Kitty exploring some far away nook on the countertop, that would be me, hearing the far away.

I tossed a cat nip toy at Cleo to distract her (she was chasing Kitty) and distracted she became, hugging it frantically. Goldy sits close by — a recent discovery was finding out he wants to guard me as the other cats do, if not more so, but also differently. I cannot remember now if I got this information from cards or from a discussion with him but the realization came and since that time I’ve understood him better and I think a better companion for him.

I was writing on the private blog about today — that on the surface it seemed like an “eh” day. No major aspects other than the Moon’s antics but antic she has been. There was a Yod to Aquarius/Aries and an opposition to Chiron and a Pluto trine and Moon in Virgo in and of herself is… well… WHAT DOES VIRGO WANT FROM YOU? 

Virgo Moon wants you to listen. Virgo wants you to hear. Virgo Moon wants you to follow instruction. Virgo Moon wants you to pick up your items. Virgo Moon wants to discuss and share. Virgo Moon would appreciate you sweeping those crumbs away please. Virgo Moon wants to please you and make you happy but this will not happen if you continue to not follow instructions, refuse to pick up your items, and crumble your crumbs everywhere. Not to mention not take her good advices. Under the Virgo Moon, take the Moon’s advices.

Wherever the Moon is… is who we are, where we are, what we must do. Small steps small steps small steps. Very large mountain. Small steps.

Virgo Moon is an animal moon, a small animal moon, wheatgrass moon, dandelion moon, white shirt moon, analyze this moon. She is a healthy moon, a harvest moon, concerned with your well-being moon, wear a sweater.

I would like to leave you now with an inspirational thought from James Hillman. Pulled him off the shelf when I felt the need to shift from feeling lost, sad to something bigger, like space. Mystery.

There is more in human life than our theories of it allow. Sooner or later something seems to call us onto a particular path… a peculiar turn of events struck like an annunciation: This is what I must do, this is what I’ve got to have. This is who I am.

He is still next to me now, my Goldy. I do not doubt what I learned that day from him. And that he had been waiting for me to understand this, in order for him to come fully into this role as caretaker and guardian. Why had I not seen it before?

Such thoughts belong to the Virgo Moon night. I encourage your own — with your animal friends or other creatures, dust motes, the broom, perhaps a potion or two. I have my Dandelion tea here. How I love a good strong warm bitter drink!

Happy Virgo Moon, y’all