Godwalker: Advice for Mercury Conjunct Chiron in Pisces

From here? You build.

What do you want to build, cupcake?

Everything is fresh. Everything is new. Clean slate. New Moon in Aquarius.

From here, you build. Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn *and* Uranus. Uranus breaks. Saturn builds.

My advice for this weekend’s Mercury Chiron conjunction in Pisces:

When you no longer feel the presence of God in your life — support, protection, guidance — go for a walk in search of it.

This simple activity increases the mind-body bond. Calms the soul.

And as my therapist from 20 years ago used to say:

1. show up. 2. find your truth. 3. don’t get attached to results.

Mercury rules walking/movement/the mind. Chiron is your pain. Pisces is God. Put it all together and you have the Godwalker 🙂 Do it with me. I went for a short walk already today. And I came back home, less scrambled, less stupid than when I left. Life is not easy, but it is often simple One foot in front of the other. Virgo Moon wisdom: step by step by step. Brick by brick by brick.

Despair is like a dead animal. It doesn’t move. You have to put it in the ground, give it a proper burial. Look up at the sky, say a prayer. And then build, no matter how small or invisible the dirt, the shovel, the land is. No matter how meaningless you feel. DO something. And then rest. Do something. And then rest. DO SOMETHING. And then rest.

But don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself. Because it really is up to you.


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