Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius: Limits/No Limits

"jupiter transit to the 9th house"

I write a lot about Jupiter these days, and the Eclipse on Monday is in the sign of Sagittarius, half-man, half-beast.

Jupiter has been in the sign of Taurus, the beauty, and transiting my 9th House: your operating philosophy, as my teacher used to say. How you live your life which is governed by your beliefsI have Saturn in the 9th House natally. Feeling limited feels normal.

Tonight I was on the phone with a high school friend who lives across the country. He was talking about his job, asking me about my job, and he said to me: your job has no limits. He meant because I am self-employed.

He came up with this thought out of nowhere (or so it felt to me). Telling me how free I am.

Years ago I looked up his chart and I remembered tonight that his Jupiter sextiles his Moon, lifts up that dour Capricorn Moon.

This sextile gave him the knowledge, the power? to talk to me about limits, and no limits, and about Jupiter even though he didn’t realize that’s what he was doing.

How old are you, he said. Same as you, I said. We’re not so old, Aliza, he said.

Freedom, I didn’t say to him, has its limits.

I haven’t driven in years but suddenly I feel like I am. Taking the wheel. He was telling me about his new car, a Corvette, paying $700 dollars a month for the next 6 years, how happy it made him, how I could make more money than him under the Law of No Limits. It was all very Jupiter.


Gemini rules cars, opposes Sagittarius. Air and fire. Do first, think later. No regrets.  If nothing else, this Eclipse Season will make you move. Will move you. Think of a giant checkerboard: jump.

And this: a space is created inside you when go from limit-mind to no-limit-mind. A space inside you and a space out there.

What will you grow in this space? Jupiter is in the late degrees of Taurus. Plant the seed before he moves on, as he always does, to the next sign, to the next part of your chart, and your life. Finish your Jupiter in Taurus transit with intention, with desire, with belief, with faith, right on time with the Lunar Eclipse.


Love, MP

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