Full Moon In Virgo: Like A Virgin

One of those nights in the Big City.

I had run my errands. I had had dinner. I’d been craving pizza. Even though I had to pee and public bathrooms in NYC are scarce (unless you are near a Starbucks which is usually most of the time) and I had a 30 minute subway ride ahead of me, I was committed to the slice.

Option One: no pizza. Option two: too far from the train, slice would get cold.

Option three and the pies looked so… sad.

I even said to the guy: they look sad. He suggested a bright and shiny slice with THREE meats on it. Too much.

Then I tried another market, across the street, hoping for a “gourmet” slice among the slabs of tilapia and ย spanikopita squares and fancy olives but no. And then I noticed Joe’s. On the corner. Dear reader, it was… eh.

I have Mars in Cancer. Will hunt for food.


Back in my borough, I get off the train and notice the Full Moon behind the trees. Virgo. The girl.

And I wonder what can be like new again for you.

And when was the last time you felt that, when was the last time, when was the very last time you felt such extreme heaven that you cried and you laughed and who was there with you.

Do you long for that? You should long for that. Because it is Pisces Season ๐Ÿ™‚ And the Full Moon in Virgo in your chart says to you LOOK HERE pay attention HERE you are HERE. The dream, that thing you want, it is real. It is within reach.


One other thing before I sign off for the night. Mercury retrograde.ย Folks are already reporting “people from their past” showing up! It’s early in the retrograde but what are you noticing?

Love, MP

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