Full Moon in Aquarius: Open The Door (MoonPluto in Love Part 3)

"full moon in aquarius" I felt a stirring of desire today. Actually I forced the issue. I had pen and paper by my side, after a reading (I take notes when I prep a chart) and I turned the sheet of paper over and wrote down what I wanted.

One thing I didn’t write down — a thing that came to me earlier during a nap.
All of this: signs of life. Even if no action yet. It is written down. Some clarity. Three main things on the list. One matter of the heart. One matter of the creative forces. And one matter of the career/work sector.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on Friday is a straightforward Full Moon. The usual push/pull yes but CLARITY THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

There will be an end. There will be a beginning. An open door.

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn AND Uranus.
There will be new (Uranus) rules (Saturn).


(Someone just sent me payment for my July Special and I just remembered that I have not been mentioning it here lately. The July special is $65 for 60 minutes Phone/Skype call/Facebook Messenger). No email readings with these.)