Friendship And The Folks Who Demand That You Love Them

"full moon in cancer 2012"
an extreme version of what I'm talking about, this film SWF

I confess these types drive me nutsy and I am talking friendship here (not romantic relationship).

I like — no, requireFREEDOM in my friendship. No drama between us.

Freedom to come and go: love and loyalty that cannot be demanded or reprimanded, required, expected.

Buddy system, honor system. But if you start treating me like a guy? And you’re my unhappy bitch? That kind of intensity? No thanks.

Some of my astrology: a stellium in the 11th House of Friends! Aquarius’ย natural house although my stellium is Cancer. Aquarius needs space. See? The houses matter.

So I can jettison if I feel the need and look back on occasion and wonder… hmmm… and ponder… hmmm. but it doesn’t mean I’m coming back.

And sure my Moon Pluto conjunction in the 1st House can draw in these types of women on occasion, and ofย course I have thoughts about the signs or aspects that trigger this in me… but what about you? Are you familiar with what I’m describing?ย 

How do you do friendship?


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