Terms of Service

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Paws and the Moon


Some of the items here were inspired by real life events ;)

All readings are for entertainment purposes only.

All readings are confidential and private.

Readings are never a substitute for medical, legal, or other professional help.


Paypal reserves your spot in my schedule. I do not hold appointments for folks who are thinking about getting a reading.

*I do not give refunds. 

*If you need to reschedule contact me ASAP. 

*If you cancel THE DAY OF our session, it puts you at the end of the line. You may have to wait weeks for the next available appointment.

*If you are late, I deduct that time off our session.

YES EMERGENCIES HAPPEN but usually when people don’t show up it’s because they forgot or decided to do something else!

Sometimes I send a reminder but sometimes not.
Yes lateness happens but my schedule is pretty tight. I probably can’t go overtime.

If you purchase my reading bundles or any single session reading, and a year has passed since the date of purchase, you “forfeit” the time.

You are responsible for asking the questions you want answered. I do my best to let you know when we’ve reached 30 minutes or have 10 minutes left or 5 minutes because I think it’s important to transition from reading time to normal life.

I do readings of different lengths. If you aren’t sure how much time you need, send me an email query and I’ll give you my honest opinion. I did a 20 minute reading for someone the other day and it was perfect. She had her questions ready, 1, 2, 3 and we got it all covered.

When we have 5 minutes left, I cannot properly address a chronic health problem, choose a wedding date, tell you when you’re going to die, or otherwise complicated query.

I believe in free will AND fate. Your fate may be that a handsome stranger knocks on your door, but it’s up to you to open it.
Or not!

Any questions? Please ask if you do, especially about my cancellation/rescheduling/refund policy. 

6 thoughts on “Terms of Service”

  1. Hello Aliza,
    I wanted to check with you on whether you record reading sessions or allow recordings of your sessions? Also ,I am still studying your web site(the reading package makes sense for a life transition).Your work reminds me of North Carolina Astrologer Lynn Hayes and her astrology / intuitive coaching work. I like that concept as opposed to readings alone.
    Truly ,

  2. Thinking I need to get second of two readings sooner than I thought Maybe next week? Even Sunday? Please shoot me an email

  3. Hi Jenny–

    I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment sooner. Went to spam. $65

    If you go to my Fortunes Fold page, there are more details there xoxo

  4. Hi :)
    How may I contact you to schedule a reading? And what is your fee for 30 min reading ?


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