Terms of Service

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Paws and the Moon


All readings are for entertainment purposes only.

All readings are confidential and private.

Readings are never a substitute for medical, legal, or other professional help.

No Astrologer, Tarot Reader, or Psychic is 100% accurate.

Have I been accurate? YES.

Have I been wrong? Probably!

I believe I am right more often than wrong but I am human for sure. 100%.

Paypal reserves your spot in my schedule. I do not hold appointments for folks who are thinking about getting a reading.

*I do not give refunds. 

*I do not reschedule missed appointments (NO-SHOWS and clients who literally cancel minutes before our start time, which happened to me this morning!).

*If you need to reschedule contact me ASAP. If you cancel THE DAY OF our session, it puts you at the end of the line. You may have to wait weeks for the next available appointment.

If you are late, I deduct that time off our session.

If you purchase my reading bundles or any single session reading, and a year has passed since the date of purchase, you “forfeit” the time.

Please use your readings within a year of purchase. 

You are responsible for asking the questions you want answered. I do my best to let you know when we’ve reached 30 minutes or have 10 minutes left or 5 minutes because I think it’s important to transition from reading time to normal life.

I do readings of different lengths. If you aren’t sure how much time you need, send me an email query and I’ll give you my honest opinion. I did a 30 minute reading for someone the other day and it was perfect. She had her questions ready, 1, 2, 3 and we got it all covered.

When we have 5 minutes left, I cannot properly address a chronic health problem, choose a wedding date, tell you when you’re going to die, or otherwise complicated query.

When a psychic reading happens, we aren’t in “real time” anymore. I can’t go back THERE, days later, to that moment – and I prefer not to do Tarot about my Tarot, checking to see if the thing I predicted is still going to happen. This stuff doesn’t run on train time although sometimes it DOES. Depends what kind of prediction was made.

If you need CLARITY around something I said, please ask, but the longer you wait, the less likely I’ll remember. If you have new questions, you can purchase a new reading.

I believe in free will AND fate. Your fate may be that a handsome stranger knocks on your door, but it’s up to you to open it.
Or not!

Any questions? Please ask if you do, especially about my cancellation/rescheduling/refund policy. 

6 thoughts on “Terms of Service”

  1. Hello Aliza,
    I wanted to check with you on whether you record reading sessions or allow recordings of your sessions? Also ,I am still studying your web site(the reading package makes sense for a life transition).Your work reminds me of North Carolina Astrologer Lynn Hayes and her astrology / intuitive coaching work. I like that concept as opposed to readings alone.
    Truly ,

  2. Thinking I need to get second of two readings sooner than I thought Maybe next week? Even Sunday? Please shoot me an email

  3. Hi Jenny–

    I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment sooner. Went to spam. $65

    If you go to my Fortunes Fold page, there are more details there xoxo

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