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heartNote: I am not doing Email Readings at this time.

In the midst of an Email Reading, a client said to me:

Your writing makes me feel safe.

There was a time when I only did Email Readings, but I backed off because it became too time-consuming and I also began to prefer THE VOICE.

These days I do a limited number of Email Readings per month but at a higher rate.

$200 for 60-minutes.

With these Readings, we go back and forth, like letters, until we finish the time.

Yes, we engage with the Tarot and the Astrology but also your story.

Payment via PayPal.

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An example of my work, from a recent Email Reading:

“So to prevent any overwhelm (too much info, points get confusing) I’m going to go little by little until we use up the time —

And have a conversation. About your life.

Because these transits are not separate from your life. They are symbols that talk about your life.

And I agree: your soul IS directly aligned with these squares!

What does (Client’s name removed for privacy) WANT? Squares push us. By natal and by transit. They are like little (or big) screws. And they turn. And turn. And burn.

Now about the last Uranus Pluto square.

This is not a new story. Whatever it has been up to this point — that point is getting driven home again.

We have a Uranus story and we have a Pluto story.

AND they are hovering near house cusps so YES we get a taste of new houses but then they pull back! Like being on a tall edge, ledge, precipice, mountain and looking across (not down).

And then leaping. To the next House, next period of your life… but then jumping back. Playing jump rope here, skipping. A sense of childlike wonder as you play between the house cusps (you may think of them like “thin spaces” as is written about in shamanic literature, between worlds).

I hear your transits asking these questions:

What (or who) is behind the door (Pluto through the 12th) and how do I trust my mind, can I trust my mind, am I a mad genius or just going crazy (Uranus through the 3rd) and all these insights that I’ve been having, will they just disappear? I mean it’s always been a bit erratic as is Uranus’ nature BUT…

Uranus wild and free (“Don’t fence me in”) and unpredictable, and Pluto…

As I sit here typing to you I am thinking : WHAT THE HELL IS PLUTO?

Pluto is about power. On a symbolic level, Pluto to me is about power, first and foremost. How it was lost, how it is to be regained and stood in (i.e. standing in your power like a boss, like a goddess, like a goddess boss).

And he has been STUCK in your 12th House and is peeking his head out towards the sun for a spell. Prepare for power oh yes prepare for power. It will feel VERY very different. Sleeping beauty. You were dead. You shall awaken.

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  1. Hi A:

    I just paid for a 60-minute email reading, but ended up in Paypal before I could ask my question or give u more details for my reading.

    When you have time, please email me so I can fill in the blanks!

    Thank you,


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