For The Love Of Sagittarius: Jupiter Transit To The 9th House

"new moon solar eclipse in gemini"

What dream did you forget? What was it that you wanted? 

Not these exact words but something like them I was writing to a querent who was asking about the Gemini Eclipse in her chart.

It must have been an 11th House transit for her. I can’t remember exactly. Hopes and dreams, among other things.

And I began pondering my 9th House Jupiter transit and a woman I know with Mars through that house now: she’s travelling travelling travelling, but that’s nothing new for her.

And for me? The Lady Crab? It is about perspective and coming out of my shell… just a little 🙂

I then asked myself the same question: what dream did I forget? What was it that I wanted? Because lately… it’s like… remember Maslow’s hierarchy? It is Maslow, right? That if you don’t have food and shelter and some lack of worry around those two, how can you expect to… do anything else. First things first.

What happens when your life changes for the better? And not only that your ducks are in a row but that you have more ducks. Bootstraps even!

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps is what they say to depressed people. Lecture them about responsibility and growing up. But as a formerly depressed person, a many years depressed person… let’s just say that I know that life can change for the better and it doesn’t have to take a 9th House transit — expansion — but it sure can help.

Find Jupiter in your natal chart. It calls to you. Movement, adventure, new territory, carnival, foolishness, risk, love. It’s all there.

Are you dreaming your dreams? 

Love, MP

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Yes, I will be doing Mini-Readings (or my usual longer ones) for the New Moon Solar Eclipse! Late Taurus/Early Gemini very important!