Eight of Cups + Jupiter in Virgo + What Now?

"jupiter in the 12th house"Discussing the Eight of Cups in the chat room and a private conversation ensued:

once one is liberated from a terrible condition (sickness, another person, prison, memories, etc.) THEN WHAT?

How long does it take until you are doing more than… paying the rent and not looking over your shoulder.

She said to me she was excited to see what I would be doing (with my life/work I assume) now that I am liberated and I felt…

What I felt was… my difficult transits. I felt the desire to maintain. I could feel myself looking over my shoulder.

But knowing that Jupiter is transiting my 1st House, there must be MORE.

I tend to despise the typical conversation-starting-here-is-the-question-at-end-of-the-blog-post-moment but HERE is the question at the end of the blog post moment:

Where is Jupiter transiting for you? And are you getting more there? 


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