Eastern Chart People: How Alone Are You?

Having a real (Saturn) functional relationship is probably the most difficult and yet the most worthwhile thing I’ve ever done.

And I pause for a moment. More difficult than bedbugs? More difficult than my mother dying? Stripping away the layers. Defenses. Shell molting?

Thinking about the chart, in general: 5th House is the early stages of love. 7th House is the marriage, commitment. 8th House is INTIMACY. Between the 5th and 7th is what? 6th House i.e. WORK. It takes WORK.

My first astrologer pointed this out to me once. Told me it wouldn’t be easy. I had my first reading with her when I was in my 20s and looked her up when I was in my 30s and we had this AMAZING reading. She taped it. And then the tape got lost in the mail.

See, those of us with Eastern charts (everything on the left hand side) we NEED you people with your busy 6th, 7th, 8th Houses to teach us how to RELATE and see the other side. And it’s not that I fake it but that… there’s a difference between desire and longing for something and… actually being able to, yes, make it work.

I have an 8th House Chiron: intimacy REAL intimacy (for some of us) is the most difficult thing in the world but imagine this: if Chiron’s wounds could stop crying, if you could get close to just one person, your world would start to open up.

Defenses down, Crab People. We are all Crab People during Cancer Season. Hiding in our shells, emotionally intense. The key to getting through these days is REASSURANCE.

My boyfriend has Moon in Cancer and I have Moon in Virgo. Sure he can interpret my fixation on his eating habits as love but what a Cancer Moon needs most… must come from the heart, not from the mind.

So I salute all of you who are working on this, who have struggled with this, who want this more than anything, even if you don’t know why, even if you keep fucking it up and retreating to your privacy pod and beautiful, terrifying defense mechanisms which you needed THEN. Which you don’t need NOW.

Crabs grow but their exoskeletons don’t. If a crab is going to keep growing, every once in a while it has to ditch the shell.

Love, MP


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