Don’t Sleep With Him (Yet!): Advice For Scorpio Season & Venus in Capricorn

This post may be annoying or controversial for some but it is SCORPIO SEASON and this is my truth, what I believe.

And it’s not about repression or prudishness which is what naysayers would have you believe. It’s not about abstinence because of someone else’s religious or moral DOGMA.

It’s about… GETTING WHAT YOU WANT (Do you know what you want?)

Venus is entering Capricorn this week and will RETROGRADE in this sign (and Capricorn is SMART, savvy, shrewd) and you know what? VENUS IS ALWAYS STRATEGIC (hello Libra!) no matter the sign although some Venus signs are more… self-sabotaging than others but think of it as a train, it will just keep going according to its forward moving nature until…..

Fact: a certain type of man will sleep with ANYONE. It’s not personal to you. It’s not because you’re so good or so hot or so pretty. Or your karmic connection or your North Node or your etchings are really awesome. It’s because a certain type of man will sleep with ANYONE.

Yes yes I know you are full of desire and lust and love and sexual imagination, and women are SHAMED for this. Out and out shamed for having a sex drive, but GIRL, give it away to someone who VALUES it, values you and wants the same thing and you discover what they want OVER TIME. BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT. Your elbows are priceless. Your toes, your eyelashes. Your scent is priceless. Your lips, your thoughts, your heart. ALL OF IT. VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA!

Venus is what you value but if you don’t value yourself, no one else will.

AND if you want to have sex with some guy or girl without any thought of the future, or meaning to it beyond sex itself, that is fine! No judgement from me. Just be AWARE of it. Aware of what you want.  Aware of who you are. Aware of your behavior. Aware of what you are doing. Emotional and physical risks.

And honestly… the women I’ve known (clients and in my personal life) have had VERY strong sex drives (many time stronger than their partners). And they all have a SEXUAL STORY too. They think about it, dream, fantasize, hope, expect, and I’d say most (if not all) have had some sexual trauma as well (but that’s a blog post for another day).

AND men’s sexuality is far more complex (and EMOTIONAL) than we give them credit for, plus men are born into this crappy culture which encourages and rewards moronic and hurtful behavior.

We teach people how to treat us.

Many issues, so little time…

Your thoughts?

Love, MP

PS If you are chomping at the bit and dying to get laid but don’t have a relationship and don’t want NSA, GO EXERCISE! Mars is energy. You can channel it any which way. Box, learn self defense, run, do yoga, and learn the fine art of self-satisfaction 🙂

Note: I do reserve the publish or not publish comments on this or my other blog posts 🙂 My house, my rules. Thank you!


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