Don’t Be Afraid Mercury Retrograde

"jupiter square saturn"So much sky action today and it feels like a dream under Jupiter Neptune.

Mercury goes retrograde. Saturn enters Sagittarius. Big news for all. Much to teach, much to learn, much to tell. Both Saturn and Sagittarius tend to teach (and preach).

But I mainly want to talk about Mercury today, what a wonderful transit this is — because how often do we set aside time to… look back? Take the time to look back. I consider it a meditation and contemplation transit and it’s short – just three weeks or so  and yes all the RE words. Renew. Regenerate.

Mercury will square Pluto on September 24th (black fire mind)
Mercury will inconjunct Neptune on September 29th (seven of clouds mind)
Mercury will sextile Saturn on October 6th (CEO mind)
Mercury will go direct on October 9th

And unless I’m missing something those are the only aspects Mercury will make while retro (except for Moon aspects).

I was just mentioning on Facebook: I need a break. The kind of break that only a Mercury retrograde transit can provide and I feel this profoundly. The need to slow down my mind, my plans.

Are you feeling this? Do you ever think of Mercury retrograde this way? As a GOOD thing? As a necessary interruption? As space?


Two things going on, message me for details — the new chat room forming and the October class. Moonpluto@gmail