Does Love Need An Appointment?

"moon pluto"
Keith Richards! Sagittarius Sun/Virgo Moon!

If you are in my inner circle, you are welcome to come over. And by inner circle I do mean inner circle: my true loves, those closest. If I’m busy writing, I’ll ask you to wait 🙂 but you don’t need an appointment. Maybe it’s a cultural thing: I’m Jewish. My Muslim friends are like this too. Just show up. The culture of the guest. I guess in the desert, peeps just stopped by for a tea and some shade. A culture of dropping by.

And if you do show up? I’ll feed you. I’ll let you use the bathroom 🙂 Just don’t touch my stuff 🙂

Sagittarius is the sign on my 4th House cusp, thus Jupiter rules my 4th House, the house of home! My Jupiter sextiles my Venus. Big love! I want people to feel at home.

And you? Who is in charge of your 4th House? 

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