Do Not Harvest: Jupiter Goes Retrograde

"jupiter in virgo" I was just about to watch a little television and then a client messaged. Setting up a Tarot lesson and then a friend messaged telling me that I looked good and happy (in recent video, which you can only see if you are my Facebook friend) and I thought about the anxiety that can arise from feeling good or better. Waiting for shoe to drop. Something surely will go wrong. Oh it must be a fast moving happy transit and you’ll wake up to the usual nightmare. Blah. Blah blah. Blah. Jupiter in Virgo = anxiety.

See, Jupiter wants you to feel good. Jupiter in Virgo worries too much. I don’t mind Jupiter going retro because I think we’ll get a break from the “bad” Virgo and we can dig into the good — the more esoteric green witch healer Virgo and less picky critic Virgo. Not that being picky critic is bad. I’m picky critic. But there’s a time and a place and the time and the place that is coming is a golden field of Virgo wheat.

"jupiter retrograde" Do nothing there.
Do not harvest there.
Are you listening? I am talking loudly to you now:

You want to plant? Okay, plant. You want to organize the sock drawer? Fine. But take that big Jupiter in Virgo scalpel that knows everything and put it down. Pick up a feather. A big fat feather. Take a break from self-help. No need to improve the self. No need to improve anyone. Because nothing is wrong. This moment is perfect.