Commercial! What Is A Mini-Moon Reading And Why Do I Want One?

"cardinal t-square"

I do Mini-Moon Readings for New Moons, Full Moons, Eclipses, or really for any focused topic, doesn’t have to be Moon-related but I originally started doing these short readings for the Moons

-15 minutes by email

-payment by PayPal $35

-I start with how the Moon is aspected in your chart but then I may notice other things

-I use up about half the time and then send you the email, leaving room for some back and forth

-Why you want one of these:

it’s a fairly inexpensive “check-in” with yourself and the Universe and sometimes people don’t want to spring for a longer reading until they get a sense of my style. It’s a taster!

-you can always email me first to check on my schedule since it varies each day. moonpluto@gmail


And yes I am combining TWO commercials in one. The stuff below is from my updated PHONE READINGS page:

“When I started blogging, I was mostly doing Email Readings, but have been doing more by phone and in person.

How are Email and Phone different?

I think it’s personal preference. Both are supportive besides getting answers from the Chart and/or Cards.

Phone of course has the voice and sometimes you want that connection.

My schedule varies but I do have more room now for on-the-spot Crisis Calls, so to speak, or when you just gotta know what’s going on in your 7th House and when will it end!


Here’s what one client had to say:

“Our conversation has been replaying through my head all day; that was an amazing reading, Aliza, and came at the perfect time.

I love and appreciate the way you tune in and break things down. Through email or phone and over thousands of miles, you tune in, connect, and translate. Thats really a gift.

Everything you said resonates and is so right-on. Thank you SO very much.”

FaceTime available for Mac users (maybe!)

Love, MP

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