One Day You Wake Up: Full Moon In Gemini This Weekend

"pluto opposition sun" If you’ve had a lot of trauma or disruption or crisis in your life and one day it subsides, one day you wake up and you feel confused. Now what?

I have someone asking me this lately, a client. Now what?

It wasn’t long after her husband died that she asked me this. I told her it was too soon to ask this question. There wasn’t a “now what” answer yet.

So what happens when you wake up from “it” and your life is…all kinds of wrong in your estimation. Or just not what you want it be. That’s the now what and sometimes it is the right question to ask.

You know I really don’t know who is reading here. Now what?

For the moment the trauma, disruption, and crisis has subsided and I’m looking around to see what there is. You are looking around to see what there is. We are looking around to see what there is.

Is there anyone out there?

Peering out from that dark closet and suddenly you emerge. You’ve been in there so long. Years maybe. Decades? Maybe. What remains. Who is left. Now what.

"jupiter trine neptune"

I’ve meant to blog about this weekend all week but I haven’t yet. And it probably isn’t even THIS blog post but let me say a word or two about the Full Moon in Gemini. It coincides with Mercury going retrograde in Sagittarius AND a few other wild aspects.

Sagittarius is wild. Always. Sagittarius retrograde even more so. Half human, half beast. What?????? I don’t want to call them mixed messages but don’t be surprised if your communications are muddier than usual.

But here’s the obvious gift: Jupiter is trine Neptune. I don’t know about you but Jupiter and Neptune together in water signs is a river you can skate/sail/swim/float away on.

This could be an excellent weekend to unplug from the social media and television or whatever keeps your monkey mind monkeying around.

Make sense? 

"jupiter trine neptune"

Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius + New Tarot Class + Stop Time

"lunar eclipse aquarius"
eclipse thoughts


Monday August 7th is the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, which you probably already know and probably have already read about and are thinking about, what it means for you.

15 degrees Aquarius and it’s got me thinking about the past because these Eclipses, for us astrologers and astrology lovers, are always rites of passage. We mark time this way.

“Oh yeah I remember THAT one!”

Like the way Floridians remember hurricanes. Hurricane Eclipse on my progressed IC and I moved how many times that year? Too many. ANY is too many.

So I’m thinking about the past because the Eclipses separate us from the past and push us forward into the wild unknown. They do this twice a year. Goalposts. Crossroads. Rivers and rivers of departure and finishing.

Here’s the least you need to know, not in terms of astrological details (which honestly you can find anywhere), but details of the soul: 

I tend to follow the usual poetry of Full Moons: they bring endings, culminations, news, revelations, AND new starts.

And all the more so when the Full Moon is an Eclipse. That’s the keyword here: MORE.

So it’s not just a little bit of news or a little bit of an end it’s a BIG news or a BIG end and as I say over and over, an Eclipse is not just one day.

There could be an event the day of or near the day of, but it’s over time that the real meaning of the Eclipse for you will unfold. Months. Maybe a full year. Year and a half. And then you’ll know.

If the Eclipse is on your junk (a planet or point in your chart) it’s likely that you’ll get a sign sooner, faster than the rest of us.  Yes, a sign FROM THE UNIVERSE. That kind of sign. Big and bold and possibly neon like your favorite diner and mine.

Are you used to feeling? Do you want to feel? Do you avoid it? Full Moons feel us and we feel them, but Aquarius is an AIR sign, not a water sign. The water bearer not water itself. Aquarius is electricity. Electricity is not rain. And when you combine the two? You get shocked. The feels that come up? They may shock you. The revelations that arise? Shock you. OH. I SEE. OH. 

So think of that as a theme for this Eclipse. That what happens over the next year (because Eclipses create an energy pattern, a landscape you must walk through) is SUCH A DEPARTURE for you. You cannot imagine it now. Or maybe you can. Maybe you are getting flashes. I imagine many of my students and clients have some idea of what’s to come. Fuzzy around the edges maybe. Distant field of vision maybe. Eclipses bring change to the House it transits in your chart. ALWAYS. Always. Whether you realize it or not. Subtle or wild. It’s the Death card and the Tower card in one. And hopefully something sweet too. Yes. Lovers sweet. Ten of Pentacles sweet. The good life. Ten of TENTACLES I thought to myself.

Quik astro detail:
I know some folks may be troubled that the Full Moon opposes Mars in Leo
. Oppositions are fights, conflict in the energy which manifests as conflicts between humans. The Aquarius Moon in my experience is unpredictable (understatement) and Mars, as an energy, is in charge. Assertive. Aggressive! And that’s the problem. Aquarius doesn’t recognize anyone’s authority – least of all pushy Mars in “adore me” Leo.


It’s time to stop running. Let the Eclipse stop you. And I think you don’t even notice, day to day, that you are. Come to a full stop and see, really see, what you want to release (which is a Full Moon activity, this kind of thought process and scrutinizing) and what you want to keep, and what you want to do differently. From here on out. Because everything’s about to be very VERY different.

Make sense? "sequential artists workshop tom hart"

Tom Hart, who runs the Sequential Artists Workshop wrote a blog post that you can find here — about my September Tarot class (which is a collaboration with SAW).

This isn’t a class in interpreting cards although there may be some talk of that. It’s about creativity and Tarot deck creation. Come draw and write and think and be with us.

Tarot For The Summer Solstice + Burning Brambles

"moon conjunct pluto"
Wednesday morning

Try this: 

Card One: Last summer
Card Two: Right now (this minute!)
Card Three: This summer
Card Four: Set THIS intention
Card Five: Nurture yourself with THIS
Card Six: Your summer Helping Spirit

Let me know what you discover! 

"new moon in cancer"
Our Lady

Who should they have been. Your parents. To have been better. For you. These are Cancer thoughts. Cancer questions.

The Sun’s in Cancer now. Mercury too. And maybe they were just fine. Maybe they were perfect. And maybe they weren’t. It’s okay to think about this. It’s okay to think about what went wrong and what Baby You would have liked. And it’s okay to get it now. “They” say we have to give it to ourselves now. Not put that pressure on anyone else. Whatever it is that didn’t reach us, what they couldn’t give. Safety, security, perfection. Milk.

This week in class I started some Tree of Life teaching (Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism – and I feel guided, not sure why it’s happening now)

and started to talk about the sefira (sphere/sefer/book/portal) of Tiferet which is often translated as beauty and may very well refer to “balance”

but I like this definition that I heard today: perfection. Tiferet is associated with the Tarot Sixes.

What does perfection have to do with Cancer Season? Because mother. What she did, what she didn’t do, how we manage our lives now. How we don’t. Milk.

I was telling a friend last night who also has her Mercury and Mars in Cancer (although hers are square her Saturn whereas mine sextile my Saturn) that the older I get the more I see the full dysfunction of my growing up. Whereas earlier I could see the good and I could see the bad, very polarized, but now I see this wider perspective-y picture. I wonder how it will shift when I’m a little older and a little older and a little older, until the end, until I see her again, coming out of the shadows to greet me.

Isn’t that heaven? Perfection. When the earthly claims and karma have dissolved. Today my priest told us that heaven is right now, all around us.

"moon conjunct pluto"
Ace of Wands

And today in that class (the one I’m in, not the one I’m teaching) we were talking about fire. How it cleanses, purifies, destroys, prepares us. And suddenly I remembered the image of the burning brambles from the Torah, the voice from the fire, God’s voice, and how the bush was not consumed.

I haven’t reviewed the text yet, but am remembering:

doesn’t God say: Moses, Moses (so often the name said twice), and then asks Moses to remove his sandals? I’ll have to check. Because he’s standing on holy ground. Teaching even one drop of wisdom from the holy Kabbalah is holy ground.

The burning bramble story is part of the Exodus story. God is about to tell Moses to lead the oppressed Israelites out of Egypt (this is the abridged version of course). Moses gets his wings, so to speak.

Why am I telling you this? Because I think this summer, this Sun in Cancer season, will be a time of miracles for you, a time of courage, a time where you are asked the impossible (impossible to you or scary) and like the Six of Swords (which I kept drawing today in different decks) you cross the water, you get there.

"mercury mars in cancer"
Crossing the water

Happy Solstice xoxo 

The Stars This Week: SUN

"sun trine jupiter"

We have another interesting week on our hands and the SUN is in charge.

I say the Sun is in charge because it’s the Sun making all these aspects to outer planets. And that’s not all. Venus enters Aquarius too. Sign changes are always big news but listen:

we have Sun sextile Jupiter, Sun conjunct Saturn, Sun trine Uranus! Sun square Chiron too.

Sun Jupiter is lucky, Sun Saturn is hard working, Sun Uranus is electric, Sun Chiron yes can be painful, and healing. One by one the Sun touches them all.

The Sun in your natal chart is you but I also believe the transiting Sun in the sky is you too. It lights up that part of your chart. It illumines. Time to discover exactly what. What you need to know.

What I want to say about these is simple: pay attention.

Your Sagittarius House is lit up. Your Libra House. Your Aries House. Yes we have a building Jupiter Uranus opposition with Saturn making good aspects to both!

And here comes the Sun saying: LOOK HERE!!!!!!!!!!


Masochistic Moon: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Pisces September 16th

"full moon eclipse in pisces"Let’s talk a little about the Pisces Eclipse – on Friday –

a Lunar Eclipse.
24 degrees Pisces.
September 16th.


This Full Moon Eclipse aspects Mercury (retrograde), Venus, Chiron, Mars, and of course opposes the Sun.

All these aspects are hard ones. It’s not a “friendly” eclipse.

Let me give you a brief Neptune review because what we’re really doing here is saying GOODBYE SO LONG to the ILLUSIONS and deceptions and useless longing/hoping/masochism that NO LONGER SERVES US.

(And it never really did.)

With a little help from Rex Bills,here are some items associated with Neptune/Pisces/12th House that you may not want to hold onto after this Eclipse runs through town:

feeling confined
being confined

And okay I think I’ll just stop here with the list, but let me say this, just one more thing, that Neptune and the 12th House rule prison and confinement of all kinds, bondage yes, but also rule ESCAPE.

So you really can ESCAPE this crap.

If you want to. Only if you want to. Maybe you don’t want to. Maybe you want to keep singing in your chains like the sea but frankly my transits are changing me not chaining me and I’m into it. I want MORE than Neptune has to offer.

Yes Neptune brings me wine and music and holy solitude and omg the Neptune ecstasy I can feel is immense and intense BUT…

I have a stockpile of Neptune I’m gonna let go this Friday.

Are you? Are you ready?


Are You Ready For Your Grand Trine In Fire?

"jupiter trine uranus" A friend of mine reminded me. Something about Saturn in Sagittarius. That going “private” on my blog is a great experiment for this (upcoming) transit.

Limit the stories? I asked.
Rules around writing?
Boundaries in publishing, she said.
And I agreed, mentioning my Jupiter through the 12th House transit. Private publishing.

And I just posted this on Facebook:

I think (I hope) my blogging is going to get better – by this process of going private. And this means the public posts that I do will also get better.

It was killing me. The anonymity. Never knowing who was reading. This “lost in space” feeling. The lack of energy exchange. Something was missing. Weird, I know, for a blogger to say that but that’s how it was feeling. I have no air logic for you. Only water logic.

Okay I exaggerate by saying IT WAS KILLING ME (I do have a Mercury Jupiter square) but something just didn’t feel right anymore. I kept getting all these… compliments. And it was making me angry. I needed something else for the energy I put forward. I may not always feel this way. It could change. It could change when Jupiter enters my 1st. Or my 2nd. Or perhaps I’ll always keep a private blog and it will grow and grow and grow. I think I’d like that. 

This way, at least, I have a little sense of who is “out there” — and that my work/my writing is worth $10 a month…

I needed to do this.

High grade publishing, she said.

It’s a risk, I said.
A huge risk, she said.

"jupiter trine uranus" I’d like to suggest that YOU take a risk!!!!! of your own design. Jupiter will trine Uranus NEXT WEEK. Jupiter and Uranus together? That’s some crazy luck you got there :)

Do you hear it? That sound? In the distance? Or is it next door? Or down below? From the cellar! Is it thunder from the heavens!!! I think I heard it… burp? Laugh? I heard it promise you the moon and stars… AH I KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!

It’s the groovy hoofbeats of Mars in Sagittarius galloping towards us, into the ring of Jupiter Uranus fire to create a Grand Trine that is growing now and gets closer late September/early October.

Are you ready for your Grand Trine in Fire?


Please visit my Beliefnet post for more observations on Mars in Sagittarius

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Virgo Sermon For Virgo Season

I sometimes advise people to make ART, whether or not they are artists. To get the feelings out. To DO something.

But today I want to suggest FEELING the FEELINGS ,whatever comes up. Without reaching to FIX it. Or shape it. Without reaching to fix ANY of it. Even shame. Even horror. At your own behavior. At the behavior of others. Rage. Even joy. Feel it. And do nothing else.


The following is not addressed to any particular Virgo or even Sun in Virgo. I’ve worked with all kinds – and I have prominent Virgo in my own chart

Dear Virgo:

Stop seeking perfection. You won’t ever find it. Not the perfect relationship or perfect sex life or perfect job or perfect hour or perfect avocado.  It’s not possible. Other circumstances are possible but not perfection. Also it’s not your job. Leave perfection to God (insert name for your Higher Power here).

I’m in physical therapy for a chronic health matter. And the other day she told me I was being “too analytical.” Bordering on obsession. Her words. I have Moon conjunct Pluto in Virgo in the First House.  Really, Rebecca? So after I got over feeling vulnerable i.e. discovered, exposed by her observation, I realized what an awesome healer she is.

She very concretely instructed me how to change my behaviors as well as see the big picture long term in terms of progress and NOT obsess minute by minute. She was right.

Leave the analyzing to me, she said.

Leave the analyzing, leave the obsessing, leave the progress reports to your God. And then make time to listen to your God.

AND for the love of God, please stop fussing, fixing, correcting others, and then hating yourself for fussing, fixing, and correcting. You have enough to do already :)

There is something so much better waiting for you, dear Virgos, BETTER than any shiny perfection.

REAL LIFE. Messy, mucus filled, volatile, beautiful, excruciating, intimate, open REAL LIFE.


Love, MP


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Water Water Everywhere! A Cancer Discusses (Her) Feelings

Dear Neptune People,

Is happiness possible for you when you’re not longing for something or someone?

I ask myself this question tonight because I do not find myself emotionally unhappy at this time. Nothing hurts. Self? Remember this moment. Because you will forget this moment. So remember this moment. When everything felt fine.

And I am saying this as a Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars who is not afraid to feel.

Yesterday, on the phone, I had to get off the phone so that I could cry. I wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed. It was just something that I had to do. Awareness of pain. Feeling pain. Could not repress it. And I needed to do it alone. So I took it. What I needed. (Wondering what the air-sign Moons are thinking about all this.)

This Neptune question occurred to me as I put on my Spotify and chose a song that makes me feel that longing melancholy feeling but I’m not longing for a person. I’m feeling content. So that’s the question: what happens when Moon Pluto (all you Moon Plutos out there) or Neptunians feel… okay.  Water signs feel so much no wonder they get accused of whining or remaining in victim posture no matter what else is going on. They can get addicted to discontent.

So this is an open question for the Neptune people who, perhaps, in this moment, do not find themselves wanting but find themselves… at home on this earth. For the moment.

Edited to add: And what’s ironic is that while I was editing this blog post, I had a revelation and my mood shifted. Not that I went from content to discontent but I went from content (which was true, no self-deception there) to awareness of what caused me those tears yesterday. See, with Cancer (and other water signs), the feelings just get deeper and richer and colorful and dark-sad and then WHOOSH you come up for air like a big beautiful fish! (Rainbow rainbow rainbow, and I let the fish go — Elizabeth Bishop)

Three minutes later, the revelatory deep feelings passed. And now I feel content again but… softer.

How do you experience your feelings? 



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Moon On Fire In The 4th House

"new moon solar eclipse in scorpio"Are you on Twitter? I love Twitter. You can follow me on Twitter, by the way.

Some terrific clients have found me there but I’ve also made friends. I follow great news feeds too so it’s my first news source, faster than anything else.

And just now having a cute conversation about someone’s Moon in Sagittarius in the 4th House.

Now, Sagittarius and Cancer (i.e. the Moon) inconjunct on the natural zodiac wheel. It’s an uneasy partnership thus the Sagittarius Moon in such a house may not be too sure what to do with all those FEELINGS.

After all, Sag Moon doesn’t feeeeeeeeeeeeel like a Cancer feels, right? Well, with a 4th House flavor, some of that leaks in. (Another issue is that Jupiter is exalted in Cancer but we’ll save that topic for another time!)

And I said: his Moon needs nurturing! Which he was quick to deny ;) With a hard aspect to Saturn, as well, this is even more so although he likely will reject it. Moon Saturn people can feel like they deserve Saturn’s cold shoulder and they may laugh it off. But then something goes missing. Tears of a clown.

Make sure to pay attention to this – not just to your Moon sign and its aspects, but also to the house it’s in because that adds another step to who you are and what you NEED.

My Moon is in the 1st House, which belongs to Aries. I may assert my needs like an Aries and intensely (Moon conjunct Pluto) but because the Moon is in Virgo, I wobble and worry about asserting and even wonder if anyone notices.

Moon in the 1st House and in the 4th House say FEED ME. It’s primal. You can do the hairsplitting if you want, codify the differences between a 1st, 4th, or even 8th House Moon. I’m going to post this. Share your thoughts in the comments.

What’s your Moon sitch? 


P.S. Upcoming today: Horoscopes for Neptune Direct! How will Neptune’s forward motion affect YOU!


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The Tattoo Inside You And The Hidden Life Of Libra

"libra"Just now I was reading last night’s comments in MoonPlutoLand, the 2nd class, the one on Creativity and the 5th House, and a gal mentioned sometimes being afraid to speak.

That when she starts to speak, she gets all emotional. Her Airy Sun isn’t so comfortable with those feelings.

And I wrote back to her that sometimes before I publish a blog post that thought crosses my mind too. I’ll be criticized. And sometimes I am.

But then I think FUCK IT. That’s the stronger feeling.

And I wrote that’s the tattoo inside me. I picture it in my belly. Made me smile :) In other words: I don’t care what *you* think. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. The right people, my people, will find me. 

I have no personal planets in Libra in my natal. Can you tell? ;) And Pallas Athena (Warrior) lives in my 7th. I may be a little low on beauty, grace, and charm ;) But I got other guns.

We often tag that “need” to be liked to Libra, people-pleasing, peace-keeping, etc. But let’s turn those cliches inside out, shall we?

Do any of the Libras reading this want to chime in? 


Saturn And The Patience Of Job

"saturn in the 2nd house"I was digging through the Archives, looking for a post on Venus in Leo and I found this instead :)


Saturn transits feel like someone’s turned out the light. From inside. Or maybe it’s just a another kind of light that you’re becoming. Maybe you’re a candle now or a pilot light that has to be continually re-lit because the flame keeps going.

Saturn transits force you to slow down and this slowing down is actually helpful, useful, even though you may feel helpless or without help.

Pushing will do no good so you may as well stop pushing and I hope I can take my own advice here.

It’s like this: say, God forbid, your house burns down and you’re sitting among the ruin, and what you want to do more than anything is stand up and begin. Just stand up. Begin fixing or call someone or… whatever frantic motion feels best and most reasonable. But you can’t. It’s just not time. Later it will be time. But not now. You can’t move. You’re not allowed to move. Can you imagine? Someone’s dying on the other side of the wall and you can do nothing.

Saturn is slow and Saturn teaches patience and Saturn stops. Stops usDelays, not denies(say the astrologers!).

Saturn transits teach you the patience of Job. You may suffer, you may suffer, you may suffer, you may suffer indignities great or small and then you must hold out your plate and ask for more, please. Still hungry.

My nature is impatient. Moon Pluto in the 1st House wants it yesterday, all problems solved, resolved, and perfect (Virgo), and yet I can live imperfectly for years.

Job was blessed, you know. At the end of that story. He is blessed. I wish somebody had written a part 2. Is he traumatized? Or does he just go on, happy that things got better, even better than before. Is there a part of him that always… looks back and wonders not whybut… Well, if you ever hang around traumatized people, you’ll know what I’m asking. They get a look on their face when they disappear, when they return to that time and place, and they can’t believe they got through it. I know that feeling. And a part of them is likely still back there. It didn’t make the journey to the present. It can take years to become one piece. One peace.

Don’t try to fight the transit. Follow it down. Not to where you can’t move at all, but… respect it. And maybe no one will understand why you need to do what you need to do, but you’ll know. You’ll know the difference.

What is this wasteland? It is your life.

Love, MP

Scorpio And Passion

"saturn in scorpio"This post is from the archives


What’s your definition of passion?

Last night, on the phone with my high school friend: Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter in Scorpio (pretty sure I’m right about the Jupiter. Need to get his chart info again).

And we were talking about love and sex and he was saying how any woman could go to a bar and blah blah blah get sex and blah blah blah blah.

My high school friend is a little coarse at times. I chastised him (teasing, not serious) about something else he said (I won’t repeat it). I said “be polite.”That’s one thing I’m not, he said.

So we were talking about love and talking about sex and his definition of the two of them together in one word: passion.

Passion ends he said. Who cares! I said. Or I just thought it. I don’t remember. Intimacy is about always going, getting deeper. That NEVER gets old. Never.

He’s been single a LONG time and as far as I can tell, not looking, and this friend means a lot to me because he knew me when, he knew me THEN. And when he found me again years later (yes, Facebook!), he told me I was the same, still psychoanalyzing ;)

This is one version of Scorpio that we tend to see, the kind who can go without.

How do you define passion?

Love, MP


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North Node Story And The Gods Of Low Carb

"north node in pisces"I went for a walk in the old neighborhood and I got a slice of pizza and I heard the words “Forgive me” in my head.

And in that moment I finally understood that famous William Carlos Williams poem, “This Is Just To Say.”

See, I try to curtail my carbohydrate intake but I was so hungry and walking, and I got my slice, and I said to myself, as though to the Gods of Low Carb, “Forgive me…”

And immediately I thought of that Williams’ poem about the plums where he says, “Forgive me/they were delicious/so sweet/and so cold.”

I am not a Christian so my knowledge about these things is limited but isn’t that what Christians say? “Forgive me, Father…”

Suddenly I understood this literary Modernist giant Williams and his short poems, which weren’t really about daily life. They were above the quotidian. Devotional.

Wait. They WERE about daily life, but that poem is a prayer, like any prayer, like the best prayer. “This is just to say/I have eaten/the plumbs/that were in/the icebox…”

I consider this an example of my North Node in Pisces in the 6th House. The North Node is where we make steady increments in this lifetime. Pisces knows that the world is more than this world, more than physical. And yet the 6th House is very practical, physical, is daily life.

You are probably living your North Node in a similar way. Pay attention. It could be showing up in little ways, more ways than you realize. You can put it together. What sign is it in? What house? What does it mean to you?

Love, MP

Your Sun: Who You Are And Who You Aren’t

"mercury retrograde in leo"Your Sun sign is who you are.

Your personality. Your basic likes and dislikes. Temperament.

Sometimes the keywords include: vigor, vitality, ego, your courage.

What you need isn’t just about your Moon. It’s about your Sun too.

Your Sun shows what’s important to you.

The Sun is associated with the sign of Leo. The Sun is your SELF.

Do you know who you are? What are the aspects to your Sun?

The Sun is transiting through Leo these days, as is Mercury, retrograde.

Do you feel like you’re slipping this summer? Uncertain of who you are? Identity shift? Identity crisis? Fear? No solid ground? I feel this Mercury retrograde, although compatible with the other transiting planets in fire and air, has been, in truth, a difficult one. A less happy Lion than usual.

I feel like once the Sun enters Virgo, late this month, the details will come back to you. You’ll remember who you are and why you’re here. Your purpose. Your service. That is my prayer for all of us.

The Sun is what you express, what you need to express, and it tends to come out automatically and how it comes out depends on the aspects to it.

For example. I have my Sun in Cancer. I will nurture others. I didn’t even realize I did it until it was pointed out to me. It’s just who I am. Natural

The Sun also shows your character. Is yours good or bad? ;) Do you have a hard time doing the right thing or even knowing what it is?

Have a little fun while looking at your Sun. Widen the orbs you may usually use. Are there aspects which fit you but you’ve never included them. The only rules are the ones you follow.


Love, MP

Ever See A North Node Conjunct The Sun Or Moon? Fascinating!

"north  node in scorpio"I love working with and talking about the Nodes, the transiting Nodes as well as your natal axis.

A reader was wondering about natal aspects to the Nodes and I do think they are important, like anything, everything else in the chart, but again I’m probably a case-by-case astrologer most of all.

Often I will see hard aspects to the North Node and immediately, yes, I go AHA a challenge is afoot! It’s hard to get there! Feels built it. That once you find the Node then you KNOW something’s gonna make it even tougher, right?

Recently, with my astro software program, I widened the orbs a bit and noticed an out of sign trine that I never knew I had and it was to my North Node. I smiled. :) The goal for me then was to… activate that trining planet and THROUGH that planet and sign’s energy… I’d get to my North Node that much quicker, better, and bigger.

Are you nodally challenged? Do your Nodes make sense to you?

Love, MP

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The Outer Planets: Do They Matter?

"uranus square pluto"I think so, absolutely.

Whether “they matter” is my phrase although a reader sent me an interesting observation. She mentioned that the outer planets feel like “karmic sentencing” to her. I don’t disagree. I’m not sure if she meant natal or transiting, but does it matter?

The outer planets move slowly. We’re in it for the LONG HAUL with those transits. Get used to it ;)

And I do believe they do supply form and content that can be worked with. Imagine that you are revising the novel of your life ;) My relationship houses are being affected by slow movers. I expect those areas of life to be busy, busier than they were when I was in my 20s.

Was talking to a client this morning whose progressed ascendent is in Virgo. Her natal Uranus sits on that ascendent. Time to be free, I said. Be you.

Sure, a progressed ascendent in Virgo will fill you with self-doubt but with Uranus there? You can let all hell break loose. It will ANYWAY. But the good hell :)

And regarding the outer planets, the house does matter but most (?) astrologers would probably agree that what matters even more in the short term are when exact aspects happen. For example, Pluto transiting your 1st House can be a very long transit. Placidus house system creates houses of difference sizes so Pluto’s time there may vary but oh yes Pluto through the 1st does signify varying things.

A sense of isolation perhaps. A complete rebuilding of identity. Or appearance. Relationships ending. The natal gives us more clues.

The fun of course happens due to retrogrades, as when a planet gets a few passes over a sensitive point. For example, let’s say you have Moon in Capricorn at 9 degrees and Mars in Cancer at 9 degrees. Pluto and Uranus are buggin’ out on those degrees! The lessons to be learned are IN YOUR FACE and with such slow movers, you can feel, I can feel, that the story is not over until it’s over.

An example from my life: I’ve got Pluto in heading to my 5th House and Uranus in my 8th by transit. These two are squaring. This is, among other things, a love transit. My love story will not be done, I believe, until the square is done. There will be reversals. There will be intensity. There will be inner struggle. There will be a fight to the death. Or the altar (ha!).

Where Pluto and Uranus are transiting in your chart is a story you are in the middle of now, just like me :)

What story is it? 

Love, MP

Random song selection: Over The Rhine – Born

Talk About The (Pluto) Passion

"pluto in the 1st house"What are you passionate about? Do you even know?

And, if so, how important is passion to your life? Do you need to feel passionate romantically? Or can you feel happy with passionate work or creative life or hobbies?

Do you have it? Do you want it? Where is it?

I was thinking about passion because I returned to the gym today after some weeks away. And I felt passionate and happy about returning. I’m simple though. Just the treadmill for me and I felt human again. My head felt clear. I felt more… capable.  And that through my body, through this physical passion, I would get clear about my other passions: what I need in relationship, what I need to do next work-wise, and, of course, with my art, my writing. One-stop-shopping at the gym ;)

You could examine your natal Pluto for information about your passion. See if its placement reflects how you feel. Or  look at your natal Mars (sex). Or Venus (love). Or all three. Pluto though, for sure, shows where (the house) and how (the aspects) you will desire and obsess.

My Pluto is in my 1st House (who I am, vigor, vitality, rebirth of the self)well-aspected and conjunct my Moon in Virgo. I feel at home (Moon) when I feel passionate. I feel at home (Moon) when I analyze (Virgo) my passion (Pluto)!

And you?

Love, MP

Music for you 80s College Radio Peeps R.E.M. – Talk About The Passion

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Weekend Tarot: Despair Is A Bitch

"sagittarius south node"Venus in Gemini + Jupiter in Gemini = it’s like an unofficial Gemini Season despite the Sun in Leo and this morning I was thinking about the Gemini/Sagittarius axis and how the Sagittarius escape hatch is travel, running away, and the Gemini escape is being too scattered and that these two signs have such an affinity, feel so similar at times, and yet the South Node/North Node polarity still provides enormous challenge for the native!

I know a Sagittarius, for example, with a Gemini NorthNode and oh yes he will disappear (reminds you of Pisces, right?) rather than find and apply the more practical (Gemini) solution.

A Gemini South Node, however, may get too caught up in Gemini logic and detail and “the moment,” totally missing the big Sag picture.

(I also consider these two signs to be the sexual libertines of the zodiac although other chart factors *may* inhibit such.)

In either case :) I thought I would pull a few weekend Tarot cards because we are under this fire and air sky. These cards are advice for those feeling… not so grounded.

The Tarot Gods are smiling on us :) We got some good clear advice.

First of all, if you feel like being social but are finding it hard to motivate, well, get out there and be social! Or stay in and be social. Doesn’t have to be romantic either. Friendship is recommended here. And harmony. Sharing. Share your gifts, your thoughts, your time and energy. It will be good. The sky is unbiased. You can be yourself. You can have fun.

And the next two cards feel more about your attitude than anything else. It is very easy this summer to lose sight of your goal, Mercury is retrograde, to have moments of extreme doubt, to feel you are working hard and with no result or not enough result or not what you expected.

Also, and most importantly, what you are waiting for hasn’t been born yet. You aren’t anywhere near done. So, on the one hand, there is work ahead and, two, on the other hand: there is something new and exciting coming in to your life. Despair is a bitch. Tell her: GO.

I admit there were no Pentacles in these cards ;) Let’s pull one more… Nope still no Pentacles but over and over I am seeing “victory” here. There is some struggle, some of it is mental struggle, setting yourself right, but you are supported, by people and by Spirit. Don’t forget.


Love, MP

Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings (Astrology or Tarot) for the Full Moon

Music for your Morning to get you Moving Nicole Moudaber – Born In Ibadan

Does The Moon Affect You?

"moon square saturn"I was feeling contemplative this morning, which made me want to check on the Moon because the Moon represents our feelings and sometimes it IS that straightforward, especially if our charts are being affected, aspected.

I was right. The Moon in Taurus is on my natal Saturn right now. Actually, applying to my Saturn. Applying means it’s not exact yet. It’s on the way.

Moon and Saturn together are serious (Saturn) feelings (Moon). I have the natal trine which of course feels a bit better, trines signifying ease, but who wants Saturn touching their family, their most personal personal? Their home? It can make you work extra hard (Saturn) to make your family, your emotional existance (Moon) just the way you want it.

And Saturn always slows us down, don’t you think? He’s not Mars (fast). He’s not bubbly (Jupiter). He’s not adorable (Venus). He’s Saturn! He’s strict. And when he’s involved with your Moon, natally or by transit, he can’t help but make you wise in the process. Do you agree?


What are you feeling today? 

Love, MP

What To Do About Chiron?

"chiron in the 1st house"Chiron: the Wounded Healer. You can Google the mythology ;)

I remember, some years ago, asking a local astrologer, during a reading I was having, whether she thought Chiron could be healed or could NOT be healed. She was firm. She said NOT. You may feel differently.

And I remember reading a piece of a Howard Sasportas lecture and him saying that even Saturn could be “healed,” worked with, worked on (can’t remember his words exactly) but that Chiron always felt raw.

The ouch place.

So what to do what to do about Chiron? You’ve got him somewhere. He’s in a sign and a house and makes aspects to your stuff!

Do you just give up?

No… but know that there’s an “issue” there, something that will keep getting pinched. And you KNOW where. You’ve lived with it all your life. YOU KNOW!

But again the question is posed: what to do about Chiron?

I say: do not avoid the Chiron areas of your life and chart. In fact, you will be compelled to dive in. Well, some of us will. ;) Some of us will avoid until a transit comes to snap at us.

And we can try to learn the lessons. In fact, just like Chiron, we will learn much much much along our Chiron journey and part of the purpose and path is to HELP OTHERS with what we learn even if we can’t sew ourselves back up wholly wholly whole. We live with it.

One point of view: it’s not all lost. It’s not all for nothing.

Although of course it doesn’t necessarily feel that way if you’ve got Chiron in your natal 7th squaring your X, Y, and Z and another failed partnership has you on your knees.

What do YOU do about Chiron?

Love, MP

On Working With Libra During Saturn In Libra

"saturn in libra"I was working with people by email today: new readings and readings in progress and it felt good. So gratifying to work with people over time, even though I don’t have all the answers. :)

Spiritual coaching? Practical wisdom? Motherly love? Predictive educated guesses? I do a combination, using Astrology and Tarot and everything I’ve learned up to this point. At least… I think that’s what I do!

And yes I do enjoy reflecting on this path because it is natural to me and also mysterious. The voice you read here, I always had. Although I’m older now.

Saturn in Libra has forced Libra people to self-reflect more than ever. Out of the Libra comfort zone which is naturally concerned with the Other. Libra can become a mirror. Libra can spend his or her whole life in search of self. Who am I if not you and anticipating your needs?

Saturn in Libra has forced Libra people to define their desire. Now you may say that Desire is more of a Scorpio keyword but many Libra peeps have Scorpio planets and even if they don’t? They are human. They have desires. They have personal truths. Saturn in Scorpio will be their next and fascinating chapter.

They will emerge stronger. Believe it!  Mars is in Libra now and gives us a taste of what’s to come.


Do you remember when Saturn was in your sign? How was it??

Love, MP

All My Angels Are Animals: North Node In The 6th House

"north node in pisces"I love that people are writing to me, wanting to hear about their North Node. I love love love working with the Nodes and I can’t even tell you why I got so attached to them but attached to them I am :) Perhaps because I recognized the truth of them in my own life.

And how you begin to work with the Nodes is this: note the sign, the house, the aspects, the ruling planet. See what’s there. Notice how it interacts with everything in the chart. For example, is your North Node harmonious with your personal planets?

Now I’m a wide orb kind of gal. He’s an example. Let’s say your North Node is in Libra and you have a slew of planets in Capricorn but none of them square that North Node by degree. Well, I still count the energy. There’s still something of Capricorn (commanding demeanor perhaps? lol) that challenges your manifestation of that Libra. I find that orbs that are too small tend to place fences around the truth of your experience. Try it with your own chart and see.

And this is just one example of how I approach the Nodes.

Last night I was listening to Doreen Virtue, a video on youtube. I love her videos. They calm me down! And if you know Virtue’s work at all then you know she is all about the angels and I thought to myself: all my angels are animals. When I seek out “angels” for guidance or support, they don’t come to me as winged creatures like in all the old paintings or in current oracle card decks. And they are usually dogs, sometimes dogs I’ve known or worked with.

My North Node is in the 6th House (conjunct the 7th House cusp but clearly in the 6th) which is associated with pets and “small” animals, so this is a sign to me, a message, that my North  Node is speaking to me. Come here! Move forward! Away from the solitude of the 12th! You are part of the animal kingdom!

And the South Node isn’t something we need to simply disregard or throw away. There is work to be done. We must master South Node qualities and habits while reaching across to the other side.

Are you obsessed with the Nodes too?

Love, MP

Watch Out For The Venus People!

"venus in libra"I was just responding to someone in the comments, someone with a massive amount of Libra in her 1st House( (the Aries house) and I said to her: someone with that much Libra IS going to blow (at some point) because your default is VENUS i.e. making NICE. Mars is key, I told her. Mars is always key for the massive Venus people among us :)

Betty Draper on Mad Men (I am only in Season One so no spoilers please!) is my Libra example these days. The flawless surface but then the rage begins to pop pop pop like Jiffy popcorn.

Do you have planets in Libra or a packed 7th House?

Love, MP

Happy Birthday Providence!

"providence, rhode island"It’s not my birthday yet. In a couple days. I get introspective on my birthday. Reflective. I may even — gasp — brood! I’ll try not to this year. The up-side is that I may blog more :)

And I approach this day with a stark feeling. I’m still here, still alive. Those of us in this condition of alive-ness (it’s like the common cold!) have a precious job to do. To get well. And then some.

I’m a big fan of the Nodes. I’m obsessed with mine and I love to talk about yours in readings and on the blog.

The North Node shows, as my teacher would say, where we make steady increments. But it’s more than that. It’s our destiny. Karma. Providence! We must never stop trying to get there once we figure out the THERE.

I consider the North Node to be like a Saturn-point. Not easy to learn the lessons.

We look at the sign, the house, the ruling planet, the aspects, all the symbolism and keywords and associations we can discover. We mix it all up. We sleep on it. What emerges is a Picasso. Looks jumbled at first although we notice the beauty.

Eventually we know it’s a work of art. Your life is. Look in the mirror. What do you see?

So Happy Birthday to me :) and Happy Birthday to all the summer babies, especially the Cancerians this week :)

Where’s your North Node? What does it mean to you?

Love, MP