Predicting Love: Can It Be Done?

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"moon conjunct pluto"

So I’m fond of saying that rarely do readers (of various kinds, over the years) predict love accurately for ME and yet I’ve often said that love, or the lack of it, is one of the easiest things to SEE in the cards.

And when using Astrology to see, it’s more than 5th House transits or 7th House transits or transits to their rulers although I will look there first! I have seen charts perfectly poised for love and NOTHING, my chart included! And then I remember a client for whom I felt a FAR AWAY INKLING (like within two years time) and instead she met someone two weeks later. 

Recently a good friend (who is also a good psychic) made a prediction for me (about someone in particular) that was so lovely (although with caveats) that I felt so damn confused when it didn’t play out right away (i.e. last week) how she said it would. She’s been totally ON when it came to BAD LOVE and BAD relationships. And I know I’ve been often right and sometimes wrong for folks as well.

I remember someone seeing my cards, seeing a man in my cards and hell yes a man showed up. Not a keeper but a MAN yes. And I have another friend who can always tell when someone is “around me” to the point of there will be a date or a meeting soon soon soon.

"venus opposition jupiter"
Psychics exist. Damn good psychics exist, no matter the tools they use. So why is love so elusive to nail? I know I know we are not God but I do believe accurate prediction exists. I have done it and I have seen it done.

So what about love? WHAT ABOUT LOVE? Why is it sometimes so wobbly and sometimes so clear even for the best psychics and readers among us?

One thing to keep in mind is our “Free Will” (if it even exists but we like to pretend it does). It’s like a tennis match. You don’t play against yourself. There’s another person there and their neurosis and your neurosis and really it’s neurosis against neurosis much of the time. Fantasy against fantasy.

And my situation may turn out just as my friend predicted just not on the timeline I would prefer and truth is this would match the original cards I originally drew for the situation. No one is wrong yet. Am I impatient? A bit :)

I don’t have a perfect answer to my question. It’s not enough for me to say: things change and thus the cards change. It’s not enough for me to say: no psychic is 100%. Why is love particularly hard for others to see in my energy. I have had the best I’ve ever worked with be dead-one with various other topics but THIS?

Maybe because they want me to be happy and they feel my hope but truth is if the vibes were bad, my peeps would absolutely say so.

The real answer may be more esoteric than we realize and/or the real answer may be that some people will NOT have a committed love relationship in this lifetime (for whatever reason) and who wants to deliver THAT news?

Challenges are SO easy to see in the chart, as are talents. To me they are bright as the sun. And sometimes the future too is impossible NOT to see. And yet.

Some souls may be renewing or rewriting contracts. That they were slated NOT to have love but made an amendment to their contract so the cards reflect the old contract and the new one simultaneously. That’s one option. 

One thing is for certain though: your clarity around these matters matters. The fewer mixed signals you give the universe the better, no matter your chart.

My thoughts here are based on years of EXPERIENCE, reading for people and getting readings too! I really should start keeping track. Love prediction + accuracy versus delay or full-on wrong. One other thing is for certain: it’s easy or easier to see a NO and harder to see a YES or which way precisely that YES will go. That’s when things get slippery and that “free will” comes in.

Wishing you good cards xo

"mercury opposite saturn"
Photo by Aliza

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More Stories From Venus Saturn (Self-Worth)

The first part of this blog post is from my Facebook…

So. Dating.

I am going to be talking about this, blogging about this.

As my 2015 Solar Return year winds down – and I consider dating again – everything I’ve learned up to this point… about Venus square Saturn… about Moon conjunct Pluto (two natal aspects that I have) about VALUES and self worth, self esteem, about friendship…

Howard Sasportas was right and it sounds corny to say – but the most important Venus issue is self-worth.

Does your behavior match how you say you feel about yourself? Know thyself. If you feel shitty, know it! If you feel grand, know that too! Find the truth!

And it’s something you feel – that you feel SELF-POSSESSED and will not let yourself down, will not betray yourself, your values…

It’s okay to say no – to a date, to an offer, to sex.
It’s okay for someone to like you and you don’t have to DO anything.
And it’s also okay to say YES – if you want to.


Yesterday was talking to a client and – I had had a similar experience to her – the yo-yo thing.

Guy shows up. Love bombs, promises, seduces. And disappears.

Her yo-yo experience is lasting longer than mine. She has more time in yo-yo hell.

But she WILL get past it. She will. It wasn’t an overly obsessive chart but with Virgo Rising she’s got Pluto transiting her 5th (obsessive, intense).

But I felt confident she would find love again – just not with this dude.

It’s okay to want more. It’s okay to want someone who treats you nicely and with care!
Don’t you deserve to be treated with care? See? That’s self-worth! And also recognizing the difference between caring and the lack of it… sometimes we cannot see this, especially those of us with Neptune charts! We see the POTENTIAL. How they may be at some time in the future. Well,  my dears, the time is NOW. Interaction is NOW — not in some fantasy future.

So much was happening in my yo-yo experience. It was a complex time in my life. I really wasn’t ready to be with anyone and I wasn’t looking but he came on strong and we got to talking and eventually we met. I’ll say we “dated” but that isn’t quite the right word. We Eight Housed it. And I don’t just mean the physical.

After we moved past some difficult moments I thought we were in the clear. BUT THEN a behavior of his made me angry (I won’t specify here) and I told him so. Indelicately. Assertively. I felt hurt. I asked various male friends: would you do such and such? Everyone agreed he did not behave well. So I said my piece.

You can guess what that did…. he backed off.

I felt bereft — here I was feeling like I was NOT being treated with care, getting angry about it, and then regretting my actions even though I believe it was my self-worth that was standing up for me. I wish I had just let it go then and there. But I didn’t. I kept trying to figure it out. Kept feeling badly. Kept tying myself up in knots. Kept drawing Tarot cards. Kept hoping. Kept looking for hope. The connection felt like once in a life time and then… poof.

As the months passed I got to know him better in this estranged state from texts here and there. I saw parts of his personality that I didn’t like at all. Began to see him clearly. Shallowness. Meanness. Lies. All of that was shadowy until it wasn’t anymore.

Something I realized last night. I could do it now. I can date NOW. I couldn’t last year. Anything I tried would have failed unless that person had a maturity and patience far beyond mine (rare). And perhaps not even then. I had to this (the realizations and inner changes) on my own. But this grueling yo yo experience help CREATE the calm I feel now and the potential I feel now. I made it through the wilderness. And if I choose to be with someone again – it will be unlike anything that came before.

I honestly believe that if I had not been emotionally raked across coals with that one? I wouldn’t be who I am now – in regards to matters of the heart.

And I’d been searching for the meaning of this brief intense passionate once in a lifetime THING for almost a full year. Grateful to have found it. The meaning.

We walk through the Eight House and we come to the Ninth and we make meaning there – of what we do in the dark.


It happens. It happens more and more due to the internet and internet dating. This is what the Saturn Neptune square is for – REALITY. Take that illusion and smash it against the rocks.


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Topics In Synastry: Mars Saturn Opposition

"mars saturn opposition" Now THAT was a spectacular fire (I thought to myself) when we said goodbye. I said goodbye to someone. It wasn’t a real goodbye though. It was a brief goodbye. A fake. This is a personal tale yes. I know you like the personal stuff. And all morning I was thinking about Mars Saturn Mars Saturn Mars Saturn in HARD aspect, an opposition, and how exactly would it play out?

Of course I felt I understood the “negative” manifestation of it.
Restriction (Saturn). Control (Saturn). Suffocation (Saturn).

And then and then and then I had the revelation. What I realized was this:

His Saturn wasn’t all or wasn’t ONLY a stranglehold on my impulses. And perhaps not at all. Or, not always. Instead what it was doing was, what this Saturn, this Old Man Saturn was doing was… making me feel safe enough to be Mars.

Mars as the big kid. Saturn as Father/Parent/Hierophant/Emperor.

The whole world made sense to me then, everything.

Just now a gal in the chat room pulled the King of Cups for me. Emotional breakthrough, she said.

So I had made a spectacular fire. And then I blew the fire out. And then I decided okay I’ll light a match to see by and then it started growing growing growing growing again and that was when, when I took a breath, when I stopped, that I realized it — that Saturn can keep us safe.

We all read astrology. Anyone who reads here reads astrology. It’s something else entirely when the revelation comes through the blood, through lived experience.

What have you learned about Mars and Saturn together?


Menders & MoonPluto People: Healing Shame (New Moon In Aquarius)

"moon conjunct pluto" I realize this needs to be a series of blog posts.

Was talking to a young woman today – with Aquarius Rising.

I mention this because our next New Moon is in Aquarius and I suggested a ritual for her – set intentions – intend to dispose of shame around past sexual experiences.

I was impressed. She brought it up. She brought up the topic without shame. How it was affecting her current relationship. I noticed Moon Pluto conjunct in Scorpio up high in her chart, on the MC! Yes. Problems at work.

Of course we talked about her owning her power, especially in the workplace. I went into career counselor mode briefly but back to the sex stuff.

How to let it go. How to heal. How to not feel bad. And this was about consensual and non-consensual experiences.

That’s why this has to be a series of blogs. Because so many of us are/were hurt by sex. We had it when we didn’t really want it. OR we were out and out forced OR we had it WHEN WE WANTED IT SO BAD (and many have shame around this too, around wanting sex) but they didn’t want US, just the sex. All kinds of scenarios.

I drew cards for the root of her shame. One of my cards was the Queen of Swords – there was still some grief to be completed and damn I wish I could remember all the cards now but I told her:

The New Moon is coming on your Ascendent in Aquarius. You can set this free. You can transform, transmute this. You, Moon Pluto woman do not have to suffer THIS. You have all the magic you need to start mending.

Makes sense she and I talked about this today. It’s a synchronicity — because I’ve just started thinking a lot about and writing about the Chakras, especially the Sacral lately, the seat of sexuality. Saw the EMPRESS today for more than on client.

Include your Sacral in any ritual you do. It’s the key. We cannot do anything, any healing, by MIND alone. Must link up the mind and body.


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Hard Transits, Hard Chakras (Uranus Square Sun)

"uranus square sun" I left New York because my Root Chakra fell apart.

It’s as simple and as complex as that. I left New York. Not everyone can say that. Not everybody leaves.

My transits not only made it possible, they made it inevitable.

We don’t want our Chakras tight and tough. We talk about open Chakras and spinning Chakras and healing Chakras and blocked Chakras.

I’m listening to this song called Michigan today. I don’t usually pay much attention to lyrics. I’m more of a melody person but the evocative chorus got me–

Michigan’s in the rear view now
Keep your hands where I can see ‘em
You took the words right out my mouth
When you knew that I would need ‘em.
What am I supposed to do now?
Without you–

But I didn’t leave anybody behind, there. And I took what I needed to take.

In more cheerful news: I started a new Facebook Page – in part to collect some of my current obsessions: chakras, crystals, soul mates, and sex. I guess soul mates and sex isn’t a new obsession but somehow it all just fit under my Sacred Jelly Tarot banner as I was, the other day, opening my Sacral (and watching all manner of Chakra videos on YouTube, getting inspired) and feeling my creativity stream back to me in a big way — after I did these “exercises.” Not a whole lot is going on there at the moment, on the new Page, but we have time.


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Yes It’s Time For More Relationship Advice From MoonPluto. You’re Welcome.

"mars trine pluto" Realizing that many problems in relationships (when relationships go wrong) are ENERGY problems – when the energy goes out of balance. When one person gives theirs and the other one only receives it and/or restricts their own.

Often the man will chase – giving the woman his energy (a “typical” hetero example) and she will receive. And then the tables may get turned. He goes into his cave (don’t they always) and she may start to pursue him in return. And when things have gone awry she will keep pursuing and he will keep retreating further and further away. Part of the feminine power (whether you are male or female) is to NOT do this. But to stay stable and strong, like the Empress. Not wavering or running in either direction but allowing him to do his thing (coming and going) and then decide if he’s worth it. Some women (or men) are better than others at this.

A healthy male (or female) suitor will return (sooner rather than later) to meet her energy, match her energy, and then EXCEED it. A healthy male will exceed her expectations and actually eliminate the need for her to chase or push back with resistance/rejection.

This is a Venus issue of course. But this is also a Mars issue. A Pluto issue. A MOON issue. Okay this is an ALL THE PLANETS issue :)

Do you see this scenario in your life? Y’all know I can write about this stuff because I’ve lived it.

The relationships that work best are the ones where the energy balance is met and maintained and then properly exceeded. SYNASTRY MATTERS. And your natal chart matters of course.

To be continued…


Flight Risk: Aries In Love

"uranus square mercury"I must blog about this, I thought to myself, as I finished a Tarot reading with a long-time client.

She’s in a new relationship and it’s like she’s been waiting for him for years. Since I’ve known her. Through various break-ups and make-ups. Her Magician.

Finally he is here and shortly before she met him she was contemplating going to school a few hours away, moving there, and, well, is this self-sabotage? Is this Gemini Rising flip flop? Is this: you get what you want and now you don’t want it? WHAT IS THIS? WHAT IS THE ROOT OF THIS FEAR? This is an Aries Woman. She’s got shit to do. Don’t try to stop her, k?

And he. He’s got a ravenous Moon Pluto conjunction in Libra and he’s a fire sign too. Both of them passionate, loving, fierce. All consuming.

It was a short reading today. We both had to go and I went to make some more tea and she was still in my head. And I thought: longing for, yet terrified of, this consumption, being swallowed up.

Fire consumes.
Read Jonah & the Whale, I said. (I tend to mix water and fire.)

"venus retrograde in leo"Yes, she said. Fear of being consumed and then left. I understand this fear. I didn’t see this happening in the cards but as I’m fond of saying: I’m not God and yet I didn’t see this in the cards. Him going anywhere. SHE, however, looked like a flight risk to me. And to herself as well.

But the whale saves Jonah from drowning. He gets saved. What is the great fish? Life. Love. Life. Love. Life. Love. Life. Love. Life.


The whale saves Jonah. Remember that, dear client, querent, Aries Woman Warrior.

There are other details to the story but I freely admit they don’t concern me here. I got what I needed. In Jewish tradition though (my client is not Jewish but I am) we read the Jonah story on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year. This love is holy. Do you not feel awe in its presence? It is larger than either of you. It’s worth stopping for. Stop. Stop and just… look at it.

“The Magician suggests that in some way magic is present in our lives,” writes Rachel Pollack in Tarot Wisdom.



Libra Season: How To Have A Relationship Without Losing Yourself (Part One)

"new moon in libra"I don’t know if men have this problem. I’m not a man.
I can’t and won’t speak for them. Not today anyway ;)
But I can speak as ME. As a woman, THIS woman, in a relationship.

To be free of this terrible longing and yet to remain IN relationship.

Dare I say it again. Okay. I shall. The list.

Sun in Libra.
New Moon in Libra.
Mercury will enter Scorpio but then RX back into Libra.
North Node in Libra.

Or maybe YOU WANT to lose yourself, hmm?
Such folk exist. I do not judge.
My Libra Season journey
My New Moon in Libra INTENTION: to reflect and write on this.

I’ve taken an informal poll. Apparently I know plenty of women who have experienced same. Even the same… emotional condition. Even ones who do NOT have Venus in the 12th House. Or Venus square Neptune. Or Neptune ruling their 7th. Or Neptune IN their 7th by transit.

Quoting someone here because she put it so well:  Please see me, please love me, please don’t make me feel needy.

Sometimes I listen to music to indulge this feeling. Because sometimes it feels good. I enjoy it. The masochistic 12th House. And then other times, well, there are other times.

"venus inconjunct uranus"What is it and, if needed, how to make it stop. I want to dive deep into this topic, make myself sick with this topic, get to the root of the root of the root of this lovesick topic :) Pluto, now direct, is transiting my 5th House. 

I do thus declare my LIBRA SEASON blogging obsession. It will be fun!


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North Node in Libra Doesn’t Have To Make You Mental!

"north node in libra" I feel like giving promotion to beautiful things I find on Etsy or elsewhere.

In the spirit of North Node in Libra perhaps :) partnership. Fair exchange.

Yesterday I was looking around and discovered these.

They will look beautiful on my altar.
And all the way from Jerusalem. I love house imagery. House + light = Cancer heaven :)

And this morning I woke up thinking about the North Node in Libra, about cooperation and seeing the other side.
How I need to learn these lessons. NEED TO.
And maybe you do too.

And how a steady diet of guidance and meditation can help get me there. And daily mindfulness.
But MORE THAN THAT sometimes a breakthrough is needed. To hit bottom.
Often if we don’t hit bottom, we just keep going on and on and on and on and on and on with our crap.

And honestly if you don’t start to learn these North Node in Libra lessons, seeing the other person’s point of view, you will wind up alone in absolutely every sense of the word. Sound scary? Because it IS scary.

Libra is also quite a strategic sign, ruled by Venus. She’s no dummy! You won’t get what you want by stomping around. You get what you want by slinking around ;) learning and observing.

I remember my landlady once telling me about an interaction with her husband. How she had techniques to make him feel like her ideas were his ideas.

Interesting because Venus is in Aries now and will oppose Mars in Libra and what we need to do with oppositions is find the middle ground and extra interesting here because of the reversal. Mars “belongs” in Aries. Venus belongs in Libra. Or so we are taught ;)

In other news, I had a quick chat with an old friend last night and we were talking about relationships and she uttered this very simple wisdom. How an unkind spouse was harder to fix or deal with than many other problems i.e. whatever your complaint is about your marriage or your relationship, if you are involved with a heart-person, a kind person, you are way ahead of the game.

I’ve got a reading to start so I’m going to stop here.
Happy Sunday :)

What are you learning about North Node in Libra so far? 

Love, MP

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Sun Square Pluto Is Like A Walled City

Marriage is about finding someone’s hiding places.

And not letting them hide there anymore.

But also not being so controlling that…  you can’t let them have their solitude.
You have to let them have their solitude.
Rilke wrote about this:
two solitudes protect and greet each other. That is love (paraphrasing here).

So when I’m talking about hiding places I am talking about THE WALLS that we have.

That’s one way to put it. There may be other metaphors to come :)

Very old walls, decades in the making.
They start to crumble fray but they are STRONG and tall resilient and they attempt to defeat those mountain climbers and wall scalers.
But you can’t get close to someone if you are A Walled City.

Pausing for a tune because it came to mind while I was writing this:

“Please put down your hand, because I see you…”

Some options:

You can have your Walled City and he or she can have his/her Walled City and you can have assigned personnel to send messages back and forth by raven :) or other method.
Sex is one of these message-sending methods.
As is television watching :) or other forms of togetherness.
But penetrating walls is no easy task as you know.
Walled cities have guards of course, all kinds of guards and soldiers and thus sometimes the messages get stuck or drowned or otherwise lost.
there is another rung to life, it exists high above “safety” and it feels out of reach when we bother to even realize it exists at all — and that rung is intimacy, closeness, love, acceptance, healing.

(None of these words does justice to the process I am attempting to describe which must be experienced and not just thought about or imagined.)

What I am describing here (the Walls) could apply to any number of astrological natal aspects.
Sun square Pluto comes to mind first.
As does Venus square Saturn.
Outer Planet square Personal Planet.

The personal planet IS the self (be it Sun, Moon, Venus etc) and the outer planet energy is the brick by brick by brick, trapping you inside with its humongous gale force power and pattern.
See, Pluto energy (for example) is a PATTERN.
Secretiveness, for example. Needing to have the upper hand.

If you have a Sun Pluto person in your life, your job is to help them get under the wall through the wall. If you have a Venus square Saturn person in your life, your job is to help get them over the wall through the wall.

No lost causes here, but the only way out is through LETTING YOUR SOUL BE SEEN.

Are you a Walled City? What goes on in there? 

Love, MP


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In Praise Of Mars In The 7th House (Why MoonPluto People Need Non-MoonPluto People)

I can’t always contain what I feel.

Spent half the day freaking out about identity theft. Apparently I fell for an Internet “scam.” My husband, the logical optimistic Sagittarius thinks all will be well but I spent a few hours in tizzy land. Low blood sugar. I had been cleaning my desk. SO MANY PAPERS. And then noticed an important identity card was missing and sought to get a new one and… Long Story Short: UGH.

Mercury is already in its shadow period. I usually don’t have a problem with Mercury retrograde. I’m not sure what this is. My Saturn opposition? Pluto and Uranus inching closer to aspecting my Sun in hard angle? After a Chinese-food dinner, I find my footing.

So today a friend told me that my life reminded her of a Martha Graham dance. I thought she meant Appalachian Spring. But the one she meant is called Errand into the Maze and I haven’t watched it yet although I have it loaded and ready to go.

And she said this to me: “Your emotional life and manifestation of creativity “feels” to me like this… and Martha Graham in general—very visceral, physical, somewhat tortured, but coming from the core in handling it.”

We were talking about relationships too and she saw the up-side of an intense one (me) being with a happy fire centaur creature (my husband).

So I asked her: what can a happy fire centaur creature DO FOR ME? Ha!

And she doesn’t know astrology much but she used astro-terms such as balance (Libra keyword). Husband has Mars in his 7th House, which is the Libra/relationship house. Has he come here to bring me peace? To suture the ripped fabric of my… self? Harmony. Peace. Mars is transiting Libra until July this year. We are RAGING FOR PEACE.

I went into the living room and asked him: Who Are You? He gave me his name, date of birth, and something about the Treaty of Ottawa ;)

And then I asked him: do you bring me peace? That was how I would know. I needed (wanted) him to tell me.

There is a difference between my vital creative artist’s life, my imagination and my inspiration and… him. I did not create him. He exists on his own, before me and around me and after me. My point is that… to the young women and men out there who may be pining over love — that’s YOUR nature exploding with desire inside you. The muse inspires YES but it’s YOU. Yours to take with you, to do what you want with.

I asked her again: what does love and balance have to offer ME, the MoonPluto person?

Benevolence she said. Goodness she said. Nurturing she said. Depth she said. And then she hit on a word I love: CULTIVATION. Calming the Deep Blue. (And later now, I realize all the other things she was saying to me — about artists not “recognizing” balance.)

But back to my earlier point: when you sit alone in your room, listening to music, crying, walking for the train, wondering what your art is, wondering who will love you the way you want to be loved… all of that beautiful dreamer is YOU. And when you find your love, when you find true love, he or she may not reflect that back exactly as you thought it must be. They may give you something entirely different, which you do not recognize, but that you need, to make you whole (again).

Stay open, young lovers. Stay open. There is much to be done. And life is short. Every day is a choice — and with Mars in Libra I suggest you ask yourself: what are you fighting for? And who are you fighting?

Love, MP

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Sunday Afternoon Coffee Talk: Do You Feel Alone?

I had my physical therapy just now. Back home went to lay down and started to drift.

Sometimes the therapy relaxes me. Sometimes just makes me tired. I try to keep my schedule light on such days. Listening to my favorite music for such moments, letting thoughts land wherever: past, present, future.

I ponder the Guardian Angel who appeared not to me, but to someone doing a reading for me… wave-like thought thought thought no stress thought thought thought the body at rest and I realize (realized this the other day) that this is the first time in my life, 43 years, ever, that I haven’t felt alone and it always seemed to take a Sagittarius to break through me.

There was my childhood best friend and then another friend in my 30s and now another Sagittarius. Jupiter rules my IC, the home, the point in the chart where the soul enters (says Isabel Hickey).

Jupiter is in my 2nd House natally. The 2nd House = what we hope to increase. Hope.

This feeling (I think to myself). This feeling is *more* than love. I don’t know what to call it. Not sure what it is. But I know it’s not about perfection. And not about ideals. I’ll figure it out :) It’s FUN to figure it out :) Those of you who relate can relate :) You know who you are. Those who love the process and the defining, knowing nothing gets taken away upon closer examination. In fact, the mystery increases.

Made me wonder your experience of this. If you feel at home in the world. If you have ever felt at home. Even in your family, even with your people. To not feel the pain of isolation is remarkable. It’s all very remarkable. Of my doing and not of my doing.

And speaking of pain and isolation :) in the coming days I’m going to be moving my blog to a kind of subscription-based service. Haven’t figured out the details yet. It’s going to be a busy week. But some kind of Pay Wall. Since I’ve started blogging, it’s always been free but now is the time. Is what I give away worth having? I know it’s a risk. I do get clients from random Google searches. Details to come. I’ll still be easy to find on Facebook and Twitter, with my astro thoughts but the nitty of the gritty will be for subscribers who want to be on these various life journeys with me…

Love, MP


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TOPIC: the 2014 Grand Cross: Mars in Libra and His Friends (Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter).

How to best use and not abuse this massive energy attack in your life.

Mars will be spending 7 months in one (maybe two) houses of your chart. What the hell?

Manage and master this FORCE for good. Libra = love and relationships and keeping the peace.

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Sunday Morning Coffee Talk: Relationships! The Chart Matters!

My fiance and I are a couple like any other. We fight sometimes.

And sometimes I genuinely feel it all comes back to the chart, the synastry. ALL ROADS LEAD!

And yet I can feel myself searching searching searching for some mystical reason WHY this or that altercation happens.

By the way, I asked his permission before writing this blog post. Asked if it was okay to admit in public that we fight. He said the word BRAWL was better ;)

Psychology today tells us not only is it normal but healthy to fight. I believe this, uncomfortable though it is.

And the other day I came up with a radical solution to a squabble we had. I did something DIFFERENTLY, as Pema Chodron often suggests. Getting out of the habitual experience or pattern.

I won’t go into the details but I will say, once again, I was reminded how much the CHART ACTUALLY DOES MATTER. And not that I ignored the squares between our charts, but I went above and beyond them.

As an astrologer, I deal with a lot of love and relationship questions and I do believe we have two individuals (or more, in a polyamorous sitch) not just a computer print-out of a natal chart and YET the squares and quincunxes between my Beloved’s chart and mine are the sweet filling (ha!) to the fabulous donut that we are.

Another metaphor: the squares are the glue! A Capricorn friend told me that once.

For me, doing something differently often means NOT trying to FIX (Virgo) the problem.

The other night, instead of talking it through, instead of trying to fix fix fix, instead of trying to solve, instead of seeking resolution and repair kits, I went in an opposite direction, towards something I wanted, something I needed. Hoping it would work for him as well. Did this instead of opening up the wound and scouring it for information. 

Bottom line: while you are remembering that you are two human beings, don’t forget THE MOST OBVIOUS CHART COMPONENTS. Don’t ignore your Sun, don’t ignore your Moon, don’t ignore who you are, what makes you feel secure, what you NEED beyond the shadow of a doubt. Don’t ignore your cream filling and don’t ignore the itchy scratchy places in your chart. Seek understanding.

I have a Moon Pluto conjunction in my chart. In my First House. In Virgo. It’s well aspected, yes, but I’m an invader. I penetrate. Pluto rules sex and Virgo is the healer. On a good day, I make you well. On a bad day, I make you sick. I make myself sick. Marriage vows (in my humble opinion) insist on… acceptance of flaws and sickness, but also on “continual improvement.” Or maybe that’s Virgo Moon marriage vows ;) doing better, trying.

Or is it that those are human vows, human aspirations?



Not everyone wants to make it better. Not everyone wants to win. And I think the relationships that ultimately work are those where everyone involved has a greater LIFE drive than death drive. Know what I mean?

In one of the Chat Rooms we just started talking about the 9th House. How the 9th House (THE SEARCH FOR MEANING) follows the tumult and tzuris of the 8th House. Pain. Crisis. And how… a life suffused with meaning may not make the TESTS feel easy peasy but… a little less harsh. A little less random. The 9th House gives a REASON.

My chart goes from Chiron in the 8th House to Saturn in the 9th House. From the Wound to the Wisdom. I hope :)

Mercury is sextile Pluto today. Moon in Scorpio. What’s on your mind? 

Love, MP


What Is Love? When Venus Is Not Enough

I am going to find the answer to this question today. At least an answer that will satisfy me. Because I am convinced that it is NOT Venus. Sure, Venus rules the stuff we like and value, are attracted to, the “capacity for enjoyment” and so on. But LOVE? Neptune is the “higher octave” of Venus. Is that the answer? In Neptune themes and keywords?

I’m not sure. Welcome to my Saturday. Where Venus is in the 12th House, all day, every day.

Join me in the discussion if you want, on Facebook. Friend/Follow me there at Aliza Moonplutoastro. Or leave your comments here at the end of this blog post.

Someone in my chat room mentioned “acceptance” as part of her definition of love and oh yes I feel I’ve had a lack of acceptance in my life. When people try to change you/me, so that they feel more comfortable, more better :)

So yes, in interpersonal love accepting people for who they are, without trying to change them or push them to shape shift… must be part of love, right?

For example, a Cancer is a Cancer is not a Gemini. You can’t force a Cancer out of their shell, out of their emotional process. You can’t make a Gemini be quiet ;)

Venus is in Virgo and the Moon is in Cancer. Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter are in Cancer too, sextiling Venus in Virgo. We can talk about this stuff. We can feel about this stuff. We can search for answers and information. And then there is Pluto. Pluto in Capricorn is arguing with all this Cancer goodness but holding hands with Venus so… it’s a perfect day to seek truth and depth. Anything less is too little. This is my version of fun. Love it or leave it.  And thanks for reading :)

You in? Share your thoughts here or on FB!

Love, MP


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Venus In The 12th House By Transit (Or Natal)

Relationships are supposed to make your life better, easier. I believe this. But your (and my) Venus situation has something to say about how easy this is or will be for you. What the challenges are and so on. And where to look for the light.

My 12th House Venus is introspective by nature, loves solitude, loves the expanse of the quiet mind and meditation hall. The quiet mind IS the meditation hall. Venus 12 can get lonely though. We need solitude but we also need congress :)

So here I am in my 43rd year, navigating two worlds, for maybe the first time ever: me alone in my 12th, and me in relationship, with transits to my 5th, 7th, and 8th. I want them both. I have a feeling this will be my life for a long time.

On Facebook I entered a conversation about Venus in the 12th House, someone with a Venus 12 Solar Return placement.

From what I could understand, she was looking for something less depressing than what she was finding on-line. Not looking for impossible loves, secret love affairs, or martyrdom.

Well, all that IS Venus 12 (waiting by the phone SIGH) but it’s also… the key.

The 12th House is the locked door but also the key. The prison and the escape. Self-undoing and putting yourself back together because you can hear yourself think. It’s the still small voice. It’s the voice of the Divine. It’s the love which is so much larger than any human to human love… Venus 12 people must love BIG. Venus 12 love is BIGGER than the body, bigger than the heart, bigger than desire. It transcends (Pisces keyword!) anything we can touch. We move into the invisible. We rent to own :)

Now on a practical level this can mean that this young woman finds THE key or keys to any number of issues about her… mental health, physical health, daily life, work, and healing. How she can get better.

The 12th House is the house of silence. I recommend silence for Venus 12 transits. I recommend silence for everyone actually :) Otherwise, how can you possible know?

Are you having an interesting transit? 

Love, MP

P.S. Not long ago my roommate asked how did I know? How did I know I could go so far (i.e. as far as I have or that I am willing to go) with my relationship. I didn’t know how to answer her. To me, it felt like “of course” or “duh.” Or even “I don’t know” as in don’t know how to explain it. And I think that’s how you know. It is a big deal but there’s an “of course-ness” to the union. An ease (although sometimes after much difficulty). A sense of inevitability but it isn’t even that heavy. It’s lighter but not lightweight. A shoulder shrug. It makes sense. But again, not blase because if you lost them, you’d be bereft.


New class in August on the GODDESS ASTEROIDS look here. We will be learning and discovering together. Great for beginners! No knowledge of astrology is needed, just passion! 

Honor Your Venus, Okay?

On the first day of class, I wrote about wanting to go deep with Venus and make discoveries that excite me — partly from rereading the “cookbooks” and rereading the deep astrology writers so that my own thoughts have more substance.

Caroline Casey writes about honoring Venus and it got me thinking about my own and thinking about yours and how you and you and you can honor your Venus which of course leads us to the WHAT IS YOUR VENUS PROBLEM question ;)

With Venus currently in Virgo, this is perfect because Virgo wants it perfect. We may not get to that particular holy land, but… the journey is worth it.


I hate fighting with my boyfriend. It happens though. I hate it every time. I think I’m not supposed to write about these things. Partly because I often hate people’s responses to the personal stuff — they try to give me advice… Prickly crab am I :)

But I know in the end it is worth it. Someone will read this blog post and it will be just what they need to hear. Maybe not tonight. Maybe some other night.

Venus, your Venus, shows what you value, what means the world to you. Howard Sasportas talks about… the need to recognize and accept (hmm that may be my word) and respect what your Venus likes and desires. Why? So that you can love yourself.

My boyfriend has a 7th House Venus. What does he value? RELATIONSHIP. His Mars is in the 7th too. He’ll fight FOR it.

Yes, you will be much happier, once you know what your Venus prefers.

Your thoughts? What does your Venus want? How could you honor her? 

Love, MP


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Did You Ever (CHOOSE TO) Have Sex When You Didn’t Want To?

We come to sex with so much history, pain and pleasure. How to sort through the muck and the past to figure out what we want, including how to please someone else. Rewrite the script. Even for long-time couples, this can be an issue.

I was hanging out in my chat room and started a thread, asking this question: Did you ever have sex when you didn’t want to? By choice. Not talking about rape here. Talking about… you did it when you didn’t wanna, for whatever reason.

I have. Not going into detail but that shit… stays with you, stays in your body. Makes an impression.

Sexual REPAIR is on my mind these days. Pluto once direct, goes direct in my 5th House and Uranus is transiting my 8th. There’s a square here! Tension plus BREAKTHROUGH. Contraction AND release. Contract for 10 seconds. Release for 20…. :)

Did you know that Pluto rules healing? Uranus rules LIBERATION. Getting free takes work (6th House) and commitment (7th House).

Do you have planets transiting your sex/love/relationships houses? What do you notice? Check your 5th, 7th, and 8th.

Love, MP


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Help For South Node In Virgo And Other Woeful PerfectionistTypes


Relationships are on my mind. I’m compelled to use all caps again and YES I AM YELLING WHEN I DO THIS.


Relationships bring up issues we didn’t even KNOW were issues because BEFORE we were looking in the mirror and NOW we are looking at another person and they are looking at us and HELLO INTIMACY we’re not alone anymore and we are confronted with all the ways we try to control ourselves and everyone and everything around us (absence of flow, absence of faith) and MAYBE this isn’t your problem but it’s my problem (part of my problem) and I’m realizing I have a limited definition of… what I feel is okay.

And that must change. I must make… room.

Are you in a relationship? A new one? An old one? What’s happening? 

VIRGO SOUTH NODE PEOPLE or anyone seeking perfection instead of process, this post is for you. As someone said on my Facebook today, there are days for fitting into your clothes and then there are days for fried bread :) but sometimes I have this TERROR in me and relationships are OPPOSITIONS (Me vs. We) thus WE ARE SEEN including the terror and it feels all quakey until the other person says that thing I was talking about here I LOVE YOU ANYWAY.

Those of you who are my Facebook friends and who participate on my page (and in my chat room) know bits and pieces of my story and know that there is food being cooked around here IT IS CANCER SEASON AFTER ALL and we NEED to be fed so PLEASE ALLOW IT GRAND TRINE IN WATER PEOPLE JUPITER SATURN NEPTUNE STOP GETTING IN YOUR OWN WAY!

Love, MP


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The Mystery Of The Inconjunct (Part One)

Can a Cancer Sun find happiness with a Sagittarius Sun?

I’m an introvert. Needs solitude. Needs time and space to process feelings. Need acceptance of WHO I AM, especially these qualities. Can’t be around someone who wants to force me out of my shell on those “interior days” and gosh this sounds like a tampon commercial already doesn’t it but you know (I think) what I mean.

Can housewifey Cancer waterworks find happiness with Where’s the Party Sagittarius?

Well, first of all we must understand that charts and people are complex.

We must understand that it’s not just the SUN but the Moon and EVERYTHING ELSE and also how the charts interact with each other AND there are different types of relationship charts as well.

Sagittarius, a FIRE sign, is so expressive (a good thing) but it can overwhelm hiding Cancer.

Cancer can confuse Sagittarius because the love expression may be quiet/indirect and thus seem cold or aloof or not loving at all.

But wait, there’s more. Here’s one example: Sagittarius Sun trines Cancer’s fire Venus and understanding (and love) happens despite the differences.

Now I don’t want to talk about the technical side of this aspect/energy too much but more about how it feels: the keyword astrologers often use is “adjustment.”

Cancer and Sagittarius inconjunct i.e. NEEDS ADJUSTMENT.

Think of Gemini and Scorpio – another example. This is one of my fave examples.

Gemini is social and clever and witty and talkative and FUN and laughs easily and smiles and is rational and gives great advice and Scorpio is serious faced, brooding, intense but hiding the tender core, goes to extremes, deep thinking and feeling, and tells the painful truth and nothing but no matter who it hurts :)

Imagine these two qualities in the same person. Pretty cool.

They aren’t opposites really but… facets.

If you have an inconjunct in your chart, you have to give time/room to both. See, my chart is not inconjunct heavy but filled with sextiles. I am quiet and shy (Cancer/Virgo) uniformly. I don’t struggle with feeding those needs. My struggle is to GET OUT OF MY SHELL. And there’s a lack of fire in my chart. I can RUT. Root and rut.

The inconjunct is like trying to fit one arm into two sleeves (is how I explained it to someone once).

So here I am with a Sagittarius in my life, FIRE that I need, even though it can be disconcerting — they are so damn… enthused.

It’s not bad BUT it is uncomfortable at times, although Cancers tend to be uncomfortable ANYWAY, wee little Crab people that we are :)

What aspect do YOU prefer and WHY? 


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What Would Make You Happy? Where’s Your Moon?

Tonight my boyfriend asked me what would make me happy and I always have trouble with this question. Let him be the happy one. Let me stick my hands in some other body.

Having him here has changed my life and makes me happy but when he asked me that question I needed time. I eventually came up with two things over dinner at IHOP.

Both items were Virgo Moon related he noted. Both 6th House I noted. Both micro not big picture but necessary picture.

The first: a health condition I want to solve by natural means and physical therapy and 2. I want to do REAL pushups. I do “girl” push ups just fine (even speed push ups) but I want to graduate to military style, full body.

What would make you happy? 

Love, MP


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Forget the Chart? A Good Idea? Synastry Thoughts!

Sometimes I want people (myself?) to forget the chart.

But is it possible to forget the chart? If you know that your lover or wannabe lover has Venus in… whatever how do you put that aside and see the person without bias.

Is it possible? Is it worth it? Won’t that Venus make herself obvious anyway? Isn’t it better to know who/what you are dealing with?

I think it’s helpful to know what is there, to understand what is there, and then to let it go and experience the person. Or vice versa.

I mean, get to know someone before you say, “But she has her Venus in ABC! I just can’t deal with ABC. They are SOOOO controlling!”

Now I’m not telling you to waste your time, but I am asking you to have an open mind. At least a little. And if you are proven right again then perhaps your instincts are impeccable.

In my own life it’s impossible to resist. When I’m interested in someone, I want to see their chart right away! If I see too much of such and such I “get a feeling,” an “uh oh” feeling.

For example, I have three personal planets in Cancer. Aries/Libra types and me are NOT a match. I can work with anyone pretty much, client-wise, but for personal life, for my luv connection, Aries/Libra will put my Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars in a t-square. That’s just too much… communication breakdown. I suppose other chart support could lessen that burden but…

Same with Taurus. The high degrees of Taurus will conjunct my Saturn. I will become a burden to them. Become the teacher, the mother, the father. I know from personal experience already that despite my love of Taurus patience and stability, I will get thrown into a role I don’t want.

So what do we do? Arm ourselves with knowledge and then forget it? Sometimes. So that we can continue to learn.

What are your thoughts on this topic? 

Love, MP

Stories For The Moon In Taurus

Men need their dreams. Women need their dreams too. Often their dreams are different. And sometimes they are the same. And that is magic.

I don’t mean to sound heterosexist but I am dating a man (at this time). We can use other language. Beloved no. 1 and Beloved no. 2. :)

So yesterday I had written (somewhere — on Facebook?) that the only itchy scratchy part of the day, yesterday, was the Moon in Taurus opposing Saturn in Scorpio and OH YES that was the impeccable timing for a fight with the boyfriend. Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs. They get stuck.

This week is filled with dream-like, dreamy energy but THAT was THE moment of gracelessness, refusal, stupidity. And wisdom.

Oppositions ARE fights. All oppositions (natally or by transit) echo the original opposition i.e. Aries vs. Libra. ME vs. WE. Lone Wolf vs. Marriage Vow. My chart is overwhelmingly lone wolf.

Taurus and Scorpio, however, are the signs that do loyalty (ideally) and commitment, perseverance. We persevered with our fight.

At one point my phone fell. Aw fuck it. My phone didn’t fall. I hung up on him in the middle of yelling somewhere along 6th Avenue in New York City. Yeah, I’m all class. I called back. I had a revelation. In those 4 minutes before calling back. You’re stuck with me I said. I’m not doing this again. Not breaking up/making up with you again. We’re stuck. That’s it. Fixed signs DIG IN.

The Moon is still in Taurus as I write this but void of course. Don’t make promises. Don’t make plans you want to stick. And we remain in this state of Venusian being and non-doing until 11:32pm (Big City time) tomorrow night!

Fear not the void of course Moon but you may want to time your activity accordingly. Ponder your New Moon intentions. Revisit transiting Neptune in your chart (and your natal Neptune) because these planetary/metaphysical shifts matter. I don’t care that it’s the outer planets, the slow movers. They matter. It’s dream-time again for you. Neptune goes retrograde to REMIND YOU of your dream. You can have what you want if only you knew what it was. I hope you find out.

Best of all is this Grand Trine in water we’re got going. It reminds me of a carnival. Even if you don’t like the rides or the corn dogs, the atmosphere is worth ahhhhhh breathing in.

You do know how to breath underwater, don’t you?


Love, MP


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