Available Now! MoonPluto’s Planetary Round-Up For This Week!

"mars in virgo 2011"Since I started this blog, I wrote a fairly regular column called Planetary Round-UpThe Stars Today and I would go through some of the planetary aspects, and energy, for that day.

Now what I’ve decided to do is offer the Planetary Round-Up For The Week Ahead to readers who really enjoy this kind of thing (keeping up with the weekly aspects and how to use the energy) but for a little bit of green to help support the blog.

I will also include a visualization or meditation or idea for a ritual for the week. Also my tips for the best ways to nurture yourself according to the week’s planetary energy.

Who is this Planetary Round-up for?

Well, it’s definitely for the hardcore MoonPluto fans who want my take on the week ahead. And for those who enjoy my writing.  And for the curious of course 🙂  Basically you will be getting content not otherwise available on the blog.

And I will likely let my spiritual lyrical North Node in Pisces side out to play even more.  I don’t always let it run free on the blog. 

What form will it be in?

I’ll send it to you by email.  Simple.

What’s the schedule?

I will write the piece over the weekend and have it ready to send out by Sunday morning.  So theRound-Up covers Sunday to Saturday.

Is there any obligation?

No.  For now, I am going to do this week by week.  There’s no need to subscribe. One week you may be up for it.  Another week, you may be too busy to bother.  All you do is send me an email and say, “Hey, MoonPluto, send me this week’s Round-Up.”  And send, by PayPal, $5.

Anything else?

If demand grows for this feature, I’ll start doing some normal-type subscription, perhaps monthly. I’m not so techy, so I’m keeping this simple for now.

And I still intend to keep the blog free and open.  It’s just this specific time-based feature that I am experimenting with.

Feel free to email with any questions to moonpluto@gmail