Are You Ready For Your Grand Trine In Fire?

"jupiter trine uranus" A friend of mine reminded me. Something about Saturn in Sagittarius. That going “private” on my blog is a great experiment for this (upcoming) transit.

Limit the stories? I asked.
Rules around writing?
Boundaries in publishing, she said.
And I agreed, mentioning my Jupiter through the 12th House transit. Private publishing.

And I just posted this on Facebook:

I think (I hope) my blogging is going to get better – by this process of going private. And this means the public posts that I do will also get better.

It was killing me. The anonymity. Never knowing who was reading. This “lost in space” feeling. The lack of energy exchange. Something was missing. Weird, I know, for a blogger to say that but that’s how it was feeling. I have no air logic for you. Only water logic.

Okay I exaggerate by saying IT WAS KILLING ME (I do have a Mercury Jupiter square) but something just didn’t feel right anymore. I kept getting all these… compliments. And it was making me angry. I needed something else for the energy I put forward. I may not always feel this way. It could change. It could change when Jupiter enters my 1st. Or my 2nd. Or perhaps I’ll always keep a private blog and it will grow and grow and grow. I think I’d like that. 

This way, at least, I have a little sense of who is “out there” — and that my work/my writing is worth $10 a month…

I needed to do this.

High grade publishing, she said.

It’s a risk, I said.
A huge risk, she said.

"jupiter trine uranus" I’d like to suggest that YOU take a risk!!!!! of your own design. Jupiter will trine Uranus NEXT WEEK. Jupiter and Uranus together? That’s some crazy luck you got there 🙂

Do you hear it? That sound? In the distance? Or is it next door? Or down below? From the cellar! Is it thunder from the heavens!!! I think I heard it… burp? Laugh? I heard it promise you the moon and stars… AH I KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!

It’s the groovy hoofbeats of Mars in Sagittarius galloping towards us, into the ring of Jupiter Uranus fire to create a Grand Trine that is growing now and gets closer late September/early October.

Are you ready for your Grand Trine in Fire?


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